July 2, 2024

Cleaning Website Design: Blue Chip Building Maintenance Case Study

Cleaning up the Website for Blue Chip Building Maintenance

Blue Chip Building Maintenance has helped the Big Apple shine even brighter for 30 years, offering flexible cleaning services to Long Island, Westchester, and areas of New Jersey. The company is synonymous with trust. They take care of their clients and their employees, and it shows–cleaners stay at Blue Chip for the long haul, and do an excellent job because they’re compensated fairly. Blue Chip’s strong branding and presence offline drew in customers but the company required a redesigned website to engage their target audience to request a quote.

New York Metro building owners, property managers, and superintendents need a flexible solution to cover their specific cleaning needs. A car dealership wants different services than an elementary school! Blue Chip offers it all–their bread and butter is commercial cleaning, but they also do:

  • Porter and superintendent services
  • Floor care
  • Event cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • And more!

The challenge was to create a website that outlined all of their services cleanly, showing each of their segmented audience how Blue Chip is the ideal solution.

Blue Chip’s Kevin Hsu chose to work with us because of our diverse portfolio of past work and our style of communication with clients. We dig deep into every angle, diving into a thorough SEO analysis, creating a rock solid UX that drives engagement, and harnessing AI-powered tools to ensure your website clicks with your target audience. If your website doesn’t convert, then what’s the point of having one?

Dusting off a Cleaning Website Design That Drives Lead Generation

Kevin has a clear vision and approach for Blue Chip Building Maintenance. His target audience is so taken with Kevin’s vision and sales approach that he typically closes new clients after talking with them on the phone. So, the key to building a website ideal for Kevin and his clients was to create a design that focused on lead generation, showcasing the trust Kevin conveys over the phone onto the website. Additionally, the website needed to push the target audience to contact Kevin so that he could work his magic over the phone!

Busy business owners and administrative assistants who hire cleaning services must know they can trust the people entering their building. That’s why the color blue drove Blue Chip’s design. Blue is calm, relaxing, and trustworthy, just like Kevin and his staff at Blue Chip. Deep and light shades make up the text and highlights on the website. The typeface is a modern sans serif because bold typeface tends to have stopping power with potential consumers.

One of the critical pieces of this cleaning puzzle was to create a home page that follows UX design, creating a seamless flow to answer most questions while driving them to reach out.

Crafting a Home Page for Cleaning Services That Looks Sterile but Feels Warm

The home page UX aligns with how the target audience will search online for Blue Chip’s services. The header distills services into two major categories: by the service itself and who the company serves, allowing the target audience to find solutions in the way easiest for them. Additionally, this captures all possible SEO. Whether a target audience searches “commercial janitorial” or “office building cleaning services,” both keywords are implemented on Blue Chip’s site. 

Getting into the actual content of the home page, Blue Chip positions itself as a local, client-first brand.

“The main header, ‘Helping the Big Apple shine even brighter,’ highlights that Blue Chip Building Maintenance understands the New York Market. It’s direct to the audience, but with a wink and a smile, giving warmth and trust.” - Jesse Cohen, Creative Director at e9digital

The invitation to call or message to “talk about cleaning your space” is first because the page goal is to convert leads. It’s best for both Kevin and the target audience to chat over the phone so they can understand firsthand the valuable service he provides.

The rest of the home page is built to assure the target audience and build confidence in Blue Chip’s solutions. To help customers feel confident moving forward, the homepage includes:

  • Past reviews so potential clients trust that the services are as good as the website claims
  • A lead generation tool that shows how little time it takes for clients to request a quote
  • Services shout-outs of the eight most popular options for quick reference
  • A list of the regular types of clients, with an invitation to click and see how Blue Chip manages each one.
  • An employee shout-out section, proving to clients that cared for employees do better work

Meeting Customer Needs Corner-to-Corner, Floor-to-Floor

With every part of website design, you have the opportunity to present yourself as the ideal option for your customer.  To ensure their website showcased their modern, stringent standards with their cleaning services at every possible level, e9digital designed a new logo for Blue Chip Building Maintenance.

With every client they serve, Blue Chip wants them to know that they offer reliability and security at every step of the process. Their cleaning team acts as a shield, protecting the building from everything from germs to people who aren’t allowed inside. 

The logo design came from the idea that Blue Chip Building Maintenance takes care of everything in the client’s building from “corner-to-corner, floor-to-floor.” The encompassing arrows act as a shield or moat, reminding the target audience that Blue Chip acts as their building’s protection. Additionally, the design brings in a subtle B shape, abstractly reminding the target audience of the importance of Blue Chip to their business.


Modern, Cleaning Website Design for a Brighter Tomorrow

With the new website, Blue Chip Building Maintenance can now harness the full power of SEO to convert new leads. The easy-to-navigate website makes it simple for busy building owners to get a quote for services, meeting their needs fast. This streamlined solution will allow Blue Chip Building Maintenance to expand their reach, proving they create cleaning solutions for their target audience with a sparkling finish.

At e9digital, we build our website design solely around the needs of your target audience. It doesn’t matter how pretty a website is if it doesn’t convert. If you’re ready for a modern, professional design that actually builds your business, contact us today.