Digital Transformation Strategy for a Returning Client

Rebrand & reinvigorate.

Founded in 2007, UpClear is a thoughtfully innovative global enterprise software provider that specializes in crafting efficient, metric-driven solutions for Consumer Goods manufacturers. Known within the consumer goods industry for its best in class Revenue Management platform, UpClear originally approached e9digital in 2016 for a website aimed at showcasing UpClear’s superior product, awards laden track record, and proven thought leadership. As a software as a service (SaaS) company, it’s important to keep up with technology, not only on the product side, but also on the marketing and website side, so four years later it was time for a refresh. Having already established a great relationship the first time around, UpClear once again reached out to e9 for a rebranding, a request that e9 had just recently made of itself – read about our own rebranding processes over the years here. A lot can change in four years and UpClear ultimately needed their site to better reflect where their business now was, and where it was heading. As they noted in their project brief: “It’s out of date and is not aligned with who/where we are as a business and as an employer.”

Optimize & organize.

The sitemap didn’t change too much, but the design and content were overhauled in order to create greater consistency, effectiveness, and a more dynamic visual impact. A reorganization clarified navigation while demonstrating enhanced efficiency in communication. Modern techniques were utilized to add elements of motion, interactivity, and expanded information. The content was rewritten and reworked in collaboration with the client to have a greater focus on SEO. Moving away from corporate stock photography made way for more conceptual imagery and graphics to enhance messaging, identity, and to reaffirm their presence as an established thought leader in the market. In the end, everything was made to be more “clear,” a word right there in their name, and something that harmonizes with their brand’s tones of pragmatism, humbleness, and straight-forwardness. This increase in clarity also set the stage to aid in their desire to keep growing until it’s time, down the road, to hit the refresh button once again.

Approved & appreciated.

For a client, it’s important to have an agency that you trust enough to keep coming back to as your business evolves. The foundation of mutual understanding already being in place streamlines the early processes and creates an atmosphere where decisions are made quickly due in part to a shared understanding of reasoning and direction. On the other side, as an agency, the developed relationship creates comfort and confidence in knowing how to accomplish new challenges whenever they arise.

Thanks (e9): Awesome work everyone!! The updated site looks fantastic, and we are super excited. Thanks for the patience and last-minute flexibility. We did go beyond scope I know! Thierry Soudee | CEO, UpClear

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