May 17, 2024

Consulting Website Design Case Study: One Us Consulting Success

60% of employees feel pressure to cover up parts of who they are at work.

For decades, workplaces barred people of diverse backgrounds from inclusion. As a part of a wider cultural movement to change that, Professor Elissa H. Buxbaum founded One Us Consulting

A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting firm with 20+ years of experience, One Us offers their Identity Conscious™ approach and certificate program to create safe work environments. The company has worked with major corporations, including FX networks and the BBC, to build a culture of belonging.

To take One Us to the next level, the non-profit needed a redesigned WordPress website that highlighted the professional services offered. Professor Buxbaum met Conrad, our chief happiness officer, through a mutual networking group and appreciated how Conrad values his clients. After all, he’s the head of the happiness department!

“If a client isn’t happy, I’m not happy. The only reason I sleep well at night is knowing that I give my best to e9digital’s clients every single day!” – Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital

Using Consulting Website Design UX Best Practices to Showcase DEI Ones

We’ve all seen it on a DEI pamphlet: a group of five people from different backgrounds, smiling and holding one another. It’s pandering at best, and doesn’t speak to what One Us prioritizes: cultural humility.

Our design team used UX best practices to create a website that makes visitors feel at ease, implementing:

  • A streamlined hero image that conveys One Us’s USP.
  • Abstract animations that highlight creative teamwork.
  • A peach, orange, and brown color scheme to communicate creativity and warmth.
  • A rotating banner that displays companies worked with and builds credibility.
  • Service CTAs and pages that encourage website visitors to learn more.
  • A user-friendly WordPress website that allows One Us to make changes.

“In the imagery, I love the systems approach of the cogs coming together and people getting out of their boxes. It’s a very interesting metaphor.” – Professor Elissa H. Buxbaum, Founder and Director of Education, One Us Consulting

Imbuing Acceptance Through Consulting Website Design

A common theme in companies without proper DEI training is that employees don’t feel seen. We wanted to share this idea through imagery on the website, including a graphic on the approach page that highlighted how everyone comes from different walks of life. Our Creative Director, Jesse Cohen, worked closely with One Us for the entire project to ensure the copy reflected the company’s goals and values.

“For e9digital, we wanted to elevate One Us Consulting’s vision beyond the typical messaging seen on a services website. The copy needed to build urgency without judgment. One Us offers solutions to problems that CEOs may not even know exist, and effectively outlining their strategies shows how companies can boost success with proper DEI training.” - Jesse Cohen, Creative Director at e9digital

Diversity and inclusion is a critical component of our work at e9digital as well. That’s why we offer ADA compliance design, to ensure that every person can access and enjoy the websites we create. One Us Consulting’s new website is fully compliant with the American Disabilities Act for the visually impaired, to practice what they preach about including everyone. 

Plus, the website works on every device, so no matter if the viewer is on a cell phone, tablet, or computer, the design remains accessible and inclusive.

Creating a Home Base for One Us’s Brand to Grow

“e9digital helped us through the whole process, from conception to the very last detail of functionality. The e9 team was responsive and supportive. They paid attention to who our brand is, and as a DEI professional, I am thrilled with the way e9 promotes ADA and website accessibility best practices for the user experience.” - Professor Elissa H. Buxbaum, Founder and Director of Education, One Us Consulting

Our goal was to create a website that showcases the breadth of services One Us offers to their clients in an engaging way, and we delivered on that promise. With WordPress design, One Us can further build their brand using our editable templates. Through WordPress’s block editor, One Us can upload videos, write blogs, and share valuable content with their audience, achieving their goals for SEO and brand identity growth.

“All we want to do is achieve our client’s goals. If your website design firm simply isn’t delivering what was promised, come on over to our team at e9digital and see how we can craft the correct solution!” - Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital