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Mom knows best.

Modern Day Village. Honestly, it’s a simple idea at heart—creating a self-sustaining online community for moms by moms. A tech startup that offers a chance to empower these moms by providing their services to other moms. Of course, with this core premise comes the complexities. How will moms communicate? How will payments occur? And how will it all come together? The group needed it all. A bottom-up developed site with a strong community component. Solid commerce strategy. Even a logo that summed up this idea into a quick read visual. Definitely a project that allowed us to stretch our creative and development wings.

One look says it all.

The logo. The brand beacon. Done right and you immediately understand the product or service from just a quick glance. With Modern Day Village, the concept was working against us. Being somewhat unique, it was a bit more of a challenge to tell the visual story as opposed to creating a logo for an established product like an energy drink or cosmetics. This was an entirely new online community centered around moms. So we recommended the name be part of the logo, to which the client agreed. That being said, the name doesn’t say mom. So in that regard, the logo had to do the heavy lifting. Our designers went with a warm palette of colors. Rounded fonts. To further add to the community aspect, we worked in an iconic representation of an active village. We also explored using friendly, inviting icons like the sun. In the end, the client chose interlocking houses shaped from a bold flowing linear image. Now that the look was done, it was all about the guts of the site.

Community eCommerce complexities.

Planning came first. Our developers did an intense wireframing and application concepting to map out all the critical workflows of the application. Probably the area with the most difficulty centered around registration. Simply for the fact that new visitors wanted to feel secure about the site before handing over their personal data and payment options. So we built in a couple of steps along that registration to ensure that there was some human review within the systems to connect with new members to put them at ease. From there, it was all about developing a solution for each feature. Designing the chat rooms, message inboxes, all the ways moms could communicate back and forth, and even creating profile building tools. Not to mention the whole payment system that’s involved when one mom wants to work with another mom. In the end (with extensive beta testing), it all came together.

Seamless sorting

To eliminate extraneous candidates when searching, our team developed a seamless sorting process for members. Broken down into a number of search filters, members can zero in on the perfect mom candidate based on proficiency level, keywords, location and type of availability.

A place to call their own.

An application and branding of this magnitude didn’t just require an experienced design and development team, but a client that was ready to go the distance. With multiple rounds needed, it was vital we received timely and accurate feedback every step of the way. That’s exactly what we got along with a satisfied client who is now looking to grow their business model with us by their side.

“Bringing a client’s vision with so many different modules and functionalities to life to us was the true success of the project.” Ben Blodgett | Technical Director, e9digital

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