ABCs of UI

Cloudy with a chance of confusion.

Social Impact Exchange makes its living off of designing clear-cut lines of communication for businesses, government entities and charitable organizations. Ironically, their site is the polar opposite. From content to code they were all over the place. Cluttered. So much so, SIE was in desperate need of an optimization overhaul. Plus, kick in a time constraint of needing this decluttered site to launch before their Exchange Conference event and you’ve got e9digital’s challenge in a nutshell.

Where do we start?

First and foremost, we begin by creating a value proposition. This allows us to take all of the hard facts and features and wrap ‘em up in a nice, neat emotionally-laced point of difference. One that fits perfectly with their target audience—millennials hungry to harness the power of social to impact change. For us, that means taking an extensive history and internal audit of the brand. However, in this case the client actually wanted to step away from the old and put their focus on a mission statement that’s more in line with their current product offerings. Essentially, it’s the business version of a do-over.

So what is that true measure of success?

While web RIOs deal with metrics that come in the form of click-throughs, bounce rates, views and a dozen other key analytics, SIE’s needs were a bit more basic. Their goal was simply to create a site that’s intuitive with a clear UI and above all—easy to navigate.

e9’s secret sauce.

While in-depth development was needed, our solve also came in the form of high quality stock imagery. Powerful shots of nature positioned front and center on the Homepage and the About Us page. Visuals that helped crystalize what SIE is all about while resonating with the target.

Is there a sequel to the story?

When you have a positive working relationship combined with ROI success, there’s a good chance our paths will cross again.

“I had a really great experience working with e9. Our project lead designer, Jordan, was really terrific–talented and very professional. And patient with us! As a small nonprofit organization, we are always concerned that every dime we allocate is going to be spent well. I never once had any doubts about e9. And best of all, we now have a beautiful new website.”Anne Sherman | Social Impact Exchange

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