May 3, 2023

e9digital’s Top SEO Tips: Google Business Profile

Imagine the scenario: the ideal customer from your target audience googles the search term you’ve been working so hard to rank for. Your business comes up as the first local option. They call the number listed on Google. Then, they get the tone of dread: “duh-duh-DUH, this line has been disconnected!”

Instead of landing your perfect client, they’re now going to call the next number listed. You just lost out on the ideal customer. But this horror story doesn’t have to happen to you. To improve your local SEO rankings and make it easy to contact you, you need to create a Google Business Profile.

**To note, this used to be called Google My Business, but Google changed the name to Google Business Profile in late 2021.**

A Google Business Profile: Today’s Telephone Directory

Back in the magical days before the internet, everyone listed their business in the yellow pages. You wanted your business to be the first one listed, so that you’d get that first call. 

Think of your Google Business Profile as your listing in the telephone directory. The more you fill out your profile, the higher your SEO will rank. 

The best part about a Google Business Profile is that it won’t cost you a dime. That’s right, Google provides the tool you need to get your business information online completely free. You can opt to pay for more features in Google Ads or to become Google Guaranteed.

First, you’ll need to create a Google Business Profile account. At the very least, you need to add the basic nuts and bolts of your business:

  • Your location
  • The best number to reach you at
  • The hours you’re open 

If you do that, you’re at least on the right track.

And if for some reason you’re averse to a Google Business Profile account, Google will auto-generate and add your business information anyway. This could lead to inaccurate information and unhappy customers. So, if you’re a business owner, a Google Business Profile is a must-have.

3 Tips to Take Your Google Business Profile from Bland to Beautiful

Every business wants that coveted local SEO #1 ranking, which means that your business shows up first in local search results on Google. 

To get there follow these best practices to ensure Google recognizes your business as an industry leader. Eventually. Like a fine wine, SEO ranking takes time to mature.

1. Ensure Your Google Business Profile is Fully Complete

According to Google, customers are 70% more likely to click on you and visit your site if you fill out your profile in full. 

When filling out your listing, have this info on hand to wow your target audience.

  • Upload high-quality photos of your business and your logo
  • Add identifying attributes, like women-owned or LGBTQ-friendly
  • A business description that tells your story
  • The products or services that you offer
  • If applicable, add purchasing options from Google

There are endless resources to explore in your Google Business Profile, so set aside an afternoon to fill yours out completely. If you have some extra time, check out the resources Google Business Profile offers to make the most of their solutions.

2. Don’t Forget Those Google Reviews

We know that it feels terrible when you receive a notification that you scored a review and it’s someone who’s taking a dump on your hard work. But responding to positive and negative Google reviews with the poise of Grace Kelly is critical. It shows potential customers you care about their experience and Google that you care about your clients.

Google itself has said that responding to reviews improves local SEO. To write the best responses to Google reviews, follow these best practices they recommend.

For positive reviews:
  • Be kind and professional first. 
  • Keep your answer as short as possible while still addressing any feedback or concerns.
  • Always reply to positive feedback with a thank you.
  • Don’t try to sell someone a new product in response.
For negative reviews:
  • Address their concerns and apologize if needed.
  • Explain the situation from your perspective.
  • Look into any documentation you have of their experience to see if what they’re saying is true (and how you could fix it in the future).
  • Never share their personal information online.

As a warning, it’s delicate to engage an angry customer. Make sure you give yourself time to cool down after reading a negative review so you’re responding from a positive perspective.

The only time it’s possible to remove a review is if it’s fake. You can’t delete it directly, but if hotbod75 says that your business smells like his dad’s moldy pits and doxes you by including your home address, then report the review and Google may remove it if it violates their content policy.

3. Implement a Local SEO Tool to Update Information Across All Directories

A key way to stay relevant in local SEO is to make sure your information is correct in every type of directory. A local SEO tool like BrightLocal creates new listings for you in popular directories. They also remove any duplicate listings and correct errors.

BrightLocal also offers SEO tools to help you rank higher in search, including rankings tracking on Google and Bing, and keyword tracking by city or zip code. This gives you higher visibility online so people can find you easily, earning more leads and customers.

Overwhelmed by SEO? Talk to the Pros at e9digital

Your Google Business Profile is one of many SEO best practices. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand, then reach out to the professionals at e9digital. 

Our search engine optimization services cover keyword ranking, amplifying positive reviews, and reporting your rank back to you regularly. These tried and true strategies increased Citiquiet’s revenue by 25% in three months. We even use them for our own website! 

So when you’re working with e9digital, you’re working with professionals who have skin in the marketing game. And we want to tell your story! So if you need a boost in your SEO, let us do the heavy lifting and talk with us today.