Engage, on a Global Scale

Practice what you preach.

That’s essentially why ANC Consult came to us. As a firm focused on developing seamless, efficient strategies for their social enterprises and entrepreneurs around the world—they needed to do just that for their website. Declutter. Simplify. Engage. Be that signature validation for why they are a leader in this industry. Helmed by litigation attorney, Alexandra N. Cohen, they also wanted a strong female perspective to be an underlying current within the site. With a hard launch date set, we had our work cut out for us—develop a custom-built site with the WordPress CMS that would be mobile and tablet-friendly. The site would also need to integrate best practice SEO and all of their established social media platforms.

Virtual laws of attraction.

With only a handful of months to design and launch, we had to be focused in our process. That meant nailing down the particulars pretty quick. At the top of the list, was the site look. While the company itself is small in stature, they wanted a polished professional perception to come through. This meant giving a high-end coat of modernization for everything from the color palette, iconography, and stock imagery—all wrapped in an easy-flowing UI bow. When it came to SEO, the goal for the site was straightforward—to be easily seen (and clicked) by humans and robots to aim for that almighty first-page placement.

Making headlines.

Like most of our clients, a lack of copy is usually never an issue. We had content galore to mine from their old site. Our expertise came into play when it was time to integrate all of that information and data into a new simplified site. In most cases (including this one), we need to polish and cut copy to remove the clutter as well as make sure the communication synced up with our established user flow. To help enhance guidance and engagement, we crafted the main site headers. Again the goal was to entice potential clients to discover more about ANC and seal the deal with a strong call to action finish.

Rounding down.

For us, ANC success didn’t just come with the end digital product, but the overall project journey. Going only three rounds with the client is a strong testament to the signature e9digital process—powerful creative, dynamic development, and an on-point PM, which all translated into a highly motivated client.

“With our development and creative magic, we took ANC from a small-business to a professional, full-sized business vibe.”

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