Simplifying Site Communication

Staying on Track to Help Drivers

The Drivers Benefits Fund, a New York-based organization that provides benefits to black car drivers, is a fairly new organization and concept. While the gig economy continues to flourish in the U.S., progressive entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to make it sustainable and properly support its workers.

Revving up the brand

When Drivers Benefits Fund reached out to our Manhattan digital agency, they were in the early stages of launching their organization, but needed to get an informational site up, right away. They also wanted a logo that they could not only use as their main branding beacon, but one that they could also vary to represent the different benefits they offer: Drivers Telemedicine and Drivers Vision.

The circular logo our designer came up with for the main brand, has a double visual meaning of figures joining hands and the steering wheel of a car. These representations tie together the black car industry and the people creating a web of support for them. The logo is slightly altered for the Drivers Telemedicine and Drivers Vision logos, with a medical cross and an eye symbol respectively replacing the steering wheel seen in the main logo.

Informative to drive action

Our web designer crafted a simple one-page informational site, giving a much-needed landing spot for those browsing the internet to learn more about the organization. The site uses brand colors, features the organization’s newly-designed logos, and is made up of sections of digestible content with prominent calls to action so the user can learn more or sign up for their benefits.

A strong digital presence

While the site is a bit on the small-side for now, e9’s creative team helped set a strong foundation for the burgeoning company. This will give them highly-crafted design assets that will be essential as they continue to grow and expand their online presence.

This was a challenging branding project, because of their complex business model. We had to create a clean, identifiable icon for an organization that provides healthcare benefits to NYC’s black car drivers, one of a group of targeted gig economy workers.

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