Web Design that Informs

Shout Out for Gig Growth

The Workers Guild is a nonprofit organization that services this ever-growing gig economy by helping them organize to achieve job security, benefits, and a living wage. These gig economy workers often work for app-based businesses, like Uber or Lyft. Through the Workers Guild, they have the opportunity to unify and organize.

Bottom up branding

As a new organization, the Workers Guild came to our New York-based digital agency needing full brand work, including a logo and new website. Our design team began with a logo, which incorporates an iPhone and shield symbol that merge the colors red and white together, symbolizing the unity and protection the Workers Guild brings to its members.

Web design that informs

“Everything looks great.
Thanks for all your hard work.”MaryGrace, Worker’s Guild

Our web designers used the design elements created for the logo as the basis of the informative one-page website. We then broke up sections of content with relevant images designed with the brand colors. To direct users to the information they were looking for, we included various calls to action. One call to action to get more info opens an iframe to the organization’s nonprofit platform page, The Action Network. This allows the user to see content from that website without leaving the Workers Guild site—making information gathering seamless and efficient.

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