May 17, 2024

Video Production Website Design Case Study: ASL Consulting

Every brand needs a storyteller… even storytellers

Patrick Mediate, Ben Grody, and Adam Lebenstein run ASL Productions, a cutting-edge production company that runs the full gamut of media and marketing services. They’ve crafted branded content, commercials, animation, and more for big names like Netflix, Prime Video, and NBC. 

While they typically focus on putting their clients in the spotlight, they were too busy to shine the light on their brand. They’d outgrown their first website and needed a sleek, slick new design that distilled their message to exactly what their clients wanted to hear. 

ASL set out to partner with an agency to create a website that could answer all the questions their clients have before they even scheduled a call. Ben turned to e9digital because he’d “always wanted to work with Conrad. His work is strong and I like the way he and his team communicate.”

Video production website design that showcases equal parts style and services

Most video production companies just list the work they do, and clients have to ask for details on service and style. To differentiate ASL from competitors, e9digital showcased their breadth of services and brand story to take out the guesswork for their target audience. 

We focused on creating a design that was easy to understand and reflected ASL’s modern sensibilities. 

On the website homepage, we OPENED ON an autoplay showreel as the background hero image.

Then, to make the text POP-OFF the screen, we instituted a dark, bold theme.

To help readers better understand the STORY of ASL Production, we condensed the navigation for optimal UX and implemented a sticky header so the visitor can always find the right page.

Last, for an END OF SHOW that sold their production company, we added a map of midtown in the footer to reveal ASL’s convenient location.

“ASL Productions pushes the boundaries for what is possible for video production, so wanted to do the same with the website. Going for a dark theme rather than white highlights ASL’s bold visions for their client’s content.” - Tim Kirchoff, Lead Designer | Developer, e9digital

Incorporating video to market ASL’s creativity


When you’re creating a website for a client that creates gorgeous videos, you have to use it as much as possible! On the home page, we included videos of nine of their most popular service pages. Hovering over the image, it turns into a six-second loop to engage the viewer to click to learn more.

And Ben agreed with us. “I liked the idea of doing this as the things that people come to us the most for. It doesn’t matter if it’s services, if it’s an industry–the nine most common things people come to us for, they’ll see it listed right there. I think that works great.”  

Of course, if someone wanted to just watch ASL Production’s past work, they could head to the “work” page for endless options.

A modern design that reaches audiences worldwide

The final website product created a jumping-off point for ASL Productions to grow in visitors and outreach, closing more business. With the fresh new feel, they can show off their fast, consistent quality at a global scale.

“I think this is absolutely fantastic and you absolutely nailed it. I can’t wait to see what you do next.” - Ben Grody, ASL Productions

At e9digital, our #1 priority is to build websites that build businesses! We craft original custom website design and content to meet the needs of your target audience. If you need a website that makes your company’s phone ring off the hook, contact us today.