A Case for a Redesign

Did you hear the one about 40 distinguished lawyers?

Katsky Korins is a NYC boutique law firm composed of Ivy leaguers at the top of their legal game. It’s big corporate expertise combined with focused client care. These are lawyers who eat sleep and breathe the intricacies of NY law. Litigators who are always up for taking on a challenging legal case. What Katsky Korins wanted, is a website to represent these ideologies—to be their signature calling card for clients. Before e9 stepped in, they had a site with outdated design and zero regards for UI—a definite detractor for potential business. e9digital’s job was twofold: capture the signature looks of these high-end, polished loafer lawyers with a passion for practicing law in NYC while developing a site that properly frames this story. Oh, and no legal drama.

Alphas up close and personal.

Stock imagery wasn’t going to cut it. These lawyers needed to be captured in their natural legal habitat—doing what they do best. Of course, getting them together for two whole days was no easy task. Time is money is never more evident than with lawyers. Each and every minute has to be billable in order to be profitable. Sure, maybe one lawyer you could find a spare moment to photograph, but 40? It took a lot of cajoling, scheduling, planning every minute detail and pretty much grinding their workflow to a halt to get this shoot off and running without a hitch. We set up an onsite 2-day shoot with talented portrait photographer, Briana Elledge, and videographer, Peter Dressel recording footage. Makeup artist, Sharon Becker, was also on hand to touch up lawyers concerned about their appearance. For the overall look, we wanted to recreate their day-to-day lawyer lives—show how Katsky Korins works together as a cohesive team. All while portraying these litigators as accomplished, professional, and personable, which we succeeded (and even gave them back some of their billable time.)

Ordinary, overruled!

Aside from compelling imagery, we wanted the site itself to play a role in enhancing the engagement. Taking a page from the logo design, our developers (via the magic of an animating mask shape) brought the sharp, crisp angles to life as a dynamic framing device throughout the site. When it came to the digital directory, to incentivize even more discoverability, we developed a robust search tool that allows potential clients to explore lawyer profiles through all sorts of intuitive filtering options.

Legally responsible.

Before diving into the legal trenches, clients don’t just want to know the legal services of a firm, but also the accomplishments of the lawyer who will be representing them. This meant designing the site to bring these bios to life. Profiles that embody the spirit of each lawyer, with all accolades front and center. With a target base consisting of local influential clients—these New York creds/achievements had to be front and center.

The devil is in the fine print.

Lawyers are, well, for lack of a better term, lawyers. As far as feedback goes, they are beyond thorough, (details and loopholes aplenty). That’s their world. This robust attention to the minutia doesn’t always work for projects with hard deadlines. So along with working around their non-stop busy schedule, we had to develop a streamlined review process to collect their feedback in a timely manner, while ensuring the comments and edits were kept to an acceptable minimum.

Smiles all around.

In the end, we managed to wrangle in all their red tape-laced edits, which resulted in a site that put smiles on 40 lawyers’ faces. Lawyers who could now be our calling cards when it came to getting business from their friends, colleagues, and clients. Case closed!

“Congrats to our team for transforming a 10-year old antiquated site into a signature showcase for intensely cerebral, passionate ‘rockstar’ lawyers!”

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