June 24, 2024

Make Your Customers Stop Scrolling With a Time Lapse Video

With so much content on the internet, it’s easy for consumers’ eyes to glaze over with standard marketing strategies. So while e9digital constructed a redesigned website for Manhattan Pressurized Walls, the company requested an additional side project to wow customers: time-lapse videos of two of their seamless pressurized walls.

In New York City, it’s common for renters to need temporary solutions in their living space. For example, when a family has a child, they may have to turn part of their living room into a nursery. Or when roommates need to share a living space with one bedroom, temporary walls allow them to build out a personal space.

That’s where Manhattan Pressurized Walls comes in. They’re NYC’s leading wall company, with 35 years of second-generation construction experience. So you could say that walls run in the family!

The company affordably creates additional private spaces for a nursery, roommate share, spare bedroom, library, or home office–without the expensive and time-consuming hassle of applying for a change in the certificate of occupancy for co-op or condominium owners. 

A Time Lapse Video Requires HOW MANY Images?

To create the video, our photographer Peter Dressel set up the camera to take a shot every 30 seconds. The process took 10 hours total for two videos. A time-lapse video needs a whopping 25 to 30 images per second. Manhattan Pressurized Walls’ 20-second video required approximately 500 images!

“The best thing about stop motion is it’s entertaining and it shows behind the scenes how things are done. It makes great content!” - Peter Dressel, Peter Dressel Photography

While it may take time to create the video, it’s cost-effective. It creates engaging content and captures people’s attention, and all you have to do is have a professional set up their camera. Now, Manhattan Pressurized Walls has incredible content to showcase on their website home page, share on social media, and increase their brand reach.

The Results: Customers See the Product in Real-Time

The greatest benefit of the time-lapse videos for Manhattan Pressurized Walls is the capability for potential customers to see the full service quickly. It allows them to imagine what’s possible for their living space. 

They can see in detail how the wall is installed, and it removes the barrier of entry to people who may have been concerned about the process. They learn firsthand that the process is unobtrusive. Manhattan Pressurized Walls works quickly and effectively, creating a new room in a matter of hours. 

Plus, videos such as stop motion can increase conversion rates on your website. People are 144% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a product video than those who don’t. An engaging stop motion video allows Manhattan Pressurized Walls customers to get a peek behind the curtain of the product they’ll receive.

For the Manhattan Pressurized Walls website, our e9digital team strategically designed the homepage so this video is right next to the “Free Quote” CTA. Because they see the service from start to finish, it intrigues the client to learn more about the process and gives them the confidence to move forward. 

Make Movie Magic in Your Marketing and Website Design With e9digital

At e9digital, we offer innovative, unique solutions to appeal to your target audience. Specialized videos such as stop motion market your valuable services to your customers, winning them over to your brand. Learn more about e9digital’s effective and entertaining website design and marketing services, and contact us today.