Making The Model Make Sense

Vendorboon. A promising trade association portal startup, with a complex business model that includes various vendors and suppliers. e9digital’s challenge—to put a brand name to this face to add clarity for customers.

e9digital and Vendorboon’s principals knew the startup had to have a modern, memorable name; thus “Vendorboon” alludes to the discount benefits (or boon) available from vendors.

e9digital naming and visual branding work was the foundation for all the Corp ID and promotional materials to follow.

e9digital designed and executed many of Vendorboon’s promotional print materials.

e9digital provided a full and wide-ranging visual branding exploratory once the name was established.

e9digital’s branding exploratory covered a number of different approaches and styles based on insights about the client’s projected audience.

e9digital also designed and developed Vendorboon’s website on our proprietary Ruby on Rails content management system.

e9digital’s designers worked on many design details and flourishes which our front-end team were able to bring to pixel-perfect life.

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