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Brand Dazzle

Plastic. Polished brands are a thing of the past. With social and digital, consumers get as up close and personal as brands will let them. The ones that get this move up the marketing food chain fast. They open up and let consumers explore their world—engaging, educating and creating loyalists.

Working within the brand arena has allowed us to see this type of realness draws consumers in rather than a pass. To us, it all starts with the brand itself.

The groundwork has to be established to become a thought provoking disruptive force to help ensure digital creative is sticky—keeps ’em coming back.

Case Study

Industry Intuition
Audience views tend to differ. In this design, our team explores the gaming industry's style.

Rebranding Shiny Shoe:

Game Developer Integrates Handmade Comic-Book Feel Without Alienating Corporate Clients

Branding plan of attack:

The clients who connect with us are all yearning for that breakthrough branding—creative that cuts through the competitive clutter. A plan we have successfully executed many times. And from our experience, it doesn’t matter if you’re a commercial construction company or a gumdrop manufacturer, our overall strategy is always the same.

  • Data Overdrive:
    Smart brand strategy starts with being honest. Going under the hood, to see what makes your brand tick. Who is your target? How often do they connect with your brand? And of course, what do your customers love and dislike? Data, that goes a long way in giving us an accurate strategy starting point.
  • Marketing obsessed:
    Honestly, in this current climate that’s the mindset needed to be leaders in this industry. Designers. Coders. Writers. Marketers. All of us, working in constant unison to create a streamlined approach to launching and maintaining our client brands.
  • Lights! Camera! Activate!
    Sure, completing a site is one thing. Yet, if no one is around to see it, what’s the point? That’s where a solid activation plan comes into play. SEO. Launch strategies. We analyze every angle to give your site every advantage to be seen.



Step 1

Digging for Data

With all our projects, we go on a fact gathering mission to find everything that makes your brand tick. Target profiles. Short term objects. Long term goals. Process. Site analytics. SEO stats. The empirical data list goes on and on so we can develop an accurate brand positioning and perception picture.


Step 2

The Competitive Landscape

Sure, your brand might have a story to tell. Just remember your competition also has a tale of their own. So it’s important to not just see how your brand is positioned in the industry, but also the consumer performance of similar brands. Even in unrelated territories there are insightful takeaways we can leverage to benefit your brand performance.


Step 3

Zero in on Your Target

Nameless IP addresses don’t put your products in their cart or use your service. They are people. Human beings. That's what our research is all about—analyzing your data and analytics to paint an accurate profile picture. Develop an understanding allows us to better connect with your customers to convert them into your brand loyalists.


Step 4

From Insight to Execution

A sandwich is a recipe that is pretty much foolproof. Take two slices of bread and put stuff in between ‘em. A tried and true proven method similar to when it comes to developing our digital plan—we always start with insight. Sure, we want get as much info as we can about your brand, but we also draw from our years of experience. Fonts. Colors. Iconography. UI. It's a fusion of facts that come from what works best for your brand and overall best online practices.


Step 5

Copy Right

Visual identity is vital in creating a hook for a brand, but copy plays an important role too. Action. Education. Motivation. Words handle it all. And when steeped in insightful strategy copy is even stronger as far as telling an emotional brand story, expressing your vision and connecting with your customers.


Step 6

Signature Style

Photography, color palette, fonts, logos, graphics—all contribute to a visual identity. To up the recognizability factor for your brand, it’s important that all of these visual ingredients are consistently used across all marketing, collateral and digital elements. Even as your brand evolves it’s vital to keep this visual synergy to maintain brand recognition.


Step 7

Process of Partnership

A partnership mindset allows us to establish a successful ongoing process with our client. Ingrained in our development strategy, the process allows us to streamline work hours and be cost efficient. From planning to presentation, the client understands their role in the process every step of the way. While there are always exceptions to the rule, allowing ample time for development and client feedback will help ensure a successful outcome.