A Genuine Thought Partnership

Trust the experts.

Sure there are categories for businesses, personalities, people, places, things, and so on. However, when looked at closely enough, everyone and everything is unique. The same goes for clients, and one of e9digital’s strengths is not only to recognize this fact – but to draw from it. Having been referred to us from a current client, Holborn, Stonybrook Capital needed a new website, but they also needed an agency that could be dependable, and bring a sense of calm, expertise, and professionalism to the project’s partnership. Control, micromanagement, and the hesitance to delegate tasks are all common traits of a successful small firm executive. Nobody can do everything though, so when it comes time to let the experts do what they do, nothing is more important than trust.

Humble brag.

Stonybrook capital focuses on providing strategic advisory services to the insurance industry. As an incredibly successful smaller firm, they are able to work one-on-one with their clients and develop thorough customized plans per each client’s needs and goals. Despite their size, Stonybrook is able to play in much larger arenas and offer the close-knit, accountable, personable, and agile benefits of a smaller team with the resources, expertise, and credentials of a much larger firm. Sharing an almost identical overview, It’s no wonder why e9 was not only able to understand Stonybrook’s identity but to also tout their accomplishments, demonstrate their expertise and capability while communicating their confident, assertive, and reliable nature, without coming across as arrogant.

Getting to know each other.

A major advantage that smaller companies have over their larger corporate counterparts is the inherent sense of intimacy that comes along with their relationships. To highlight this and allow visitors to immediately familiarize themselves with the company, it is important to focus on the individuals behind the name. That’s why e9 helped to produce professional headshots and a short video that features staff talking casually. Calming color schemes and background imagery are strategically positioned throughout the site in order to appeal to their conservative audience in a cerebral manner. To match that style, an updated logo and straightforward copywriting were crafted to reassure prospective clients that Stonybrookk Capital is the bold, trustworthy team that they need.

Success through mutual understanding.

Working closely with a client over a short period of time can serve a snapshot of a longer more complex relationship. There must be compromises, communication, responsibility, and long-term thinking to make it work.

Stonybrook Capital had a great experience and it seems like you understood my pain in entrepreneurship. Your team is commercial, practical, and extremely effective at moving the ball forward. You take ownership and responsibility, and I really like the personalized service. All in all – we had a great experience and I would recommend you to anyone – and in fact – already have! Joseph Scheerer | Principal and Managing Director, Stonybrook Capital

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