An Intelligent Blend

A vital competitive harmony.

Just as car manufacturers compete for business, so do the Lemon Law attorneys working on behalf of consumers who have purchased cars and other consumer goods that fail to meet standards of quality. Shainfield Law (also operating as LemonLawNow) prided themselves on providing a vital service to their clients centered around their goal of delivering top-notch customer-centric service. As the development of their SEO-centered branding was to focus around being the premiere Lemon Law experts in California, their vast knowledge could also attract clients across the United States. An e9digital partner agency that specializes in SEO strategy was hired, and e9digital’s challenge was to now create, through this joint agency endeavor, branding and design that mixed seamlessly with the guidelines being set in place. Ultimately, this would give LemonLawNow an edge over competitors and cement them as leaders in their industry.

Evaluation, consultation, and communication.

LemonLawNow had worked for years honing their skills in finding the quickest and most economic solutions for their clients and their automobile issues. With a comprehensive understanding of the law and concrete relationships with their clients and the surrounding communities, LemonLawNow solidified themselves as the upper echelon in Lemon Law service provisions. Now they just needed to get the word out, win the SEO battle with competitors, and boost traffic to the site. Once people got to the site it was important for the message to come across clearly from both a visual standpoint and in the form of informational hierarchy. Working in tandem with both the client and the other agency, e9 kept open lines of communication and led the way toward bringing the best possible work to LemonLawNow.

The zest and the essence.

To convey a dominance of knowledge, while driving home the personal touch that had carried LemonLawNow so far in the industry, the site utilized clean design, a succinct user experience, and numerous sub-pages rich in information. The “Live Chat” feature, multiple contact buttons, and simple yet thorough forms let users know that LemonLawNow is accessible and ready to help clients in need. Additional resources and California Lemon Law info pages reaffirm the vast knowledge base that the firm possesses. The scrolling badges/accreditations, testimonials, and organized information on the homepage validate their successes. The clever but fun headlines and copywriting communicate approachability, and all of the above reflect the logo, colors, and fonts created during the branding process.

Aided by form and function

With the front end of the site equally as efficient and as effective as the backend, LemonLawNow was positioned to succeed and surpass the many others in their competitive industry. Now past, present, and prospective clients could get the aid they needed in dealing with their lemons.

"I actually listen to the client(!) and view everything they do (and don’t) give me. If you do all you can to get inside the client’s head, the solution will take shape. And if for some reason it doesn’t, I just walk outside and let New York City fuel my imagination."

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