Development that Defines the Client

Good web design and development should reflect the client.

Because Capital Counsel isn’t your average investment firm, it’s only natural that they didn’t want an average website. The team at Capital Counsel is above average in every way — they’re incredibly smart, articulate to a fault, and have a singular, unparalleled focus on doing what’s right for their clients. Their new website needed to reflect their style: sharp, focused, and quite simply, the best.

Good web design and development should transcend the status quo.

Being a New York-based investment firm, Capital Counsel wanted a local, Manhattan-based website agency to bring their ideas to fruition. After finding us through a Google search and taking a gander at our website design and development portfolio, they reached out to see if we were up to the task of executing their singular vision. We knew Capital Counsel’s web design had to be not just a step above their competitors, but well beyond the industry standard. We love a good challenge over here at e9digital, so of course, we agreed.

Good web design and development should multi-task.

What makes Capital Counsel so reliable and unique in a world of trend-chasing and hot stocks is that they remain firmly and admirably traditional in their practice. It was up to our web designers and programmers to create a website that reflected old school diligence and discipline in a modern, progressive design.

The finished product is…

What our team came up with was a striking, modern design that combined elegant typefaces, a classic color palette, and beautiful, full-bleed images that reflected precision and artistry. Our web programmers, wanting to match Capital Counsel’s above-and-beyond style, developed a completely custom WordPress build with several unique interior pages, so that each page added to the company’s story with a new design and perspective. As the cherry on top, we added a simple but stately animated preloader to immediately define the brand with a logo and tagline, while giving the image-heavy home page time to load in a graceful manner.

What came together was a site that beautifully combined Capital Counsel’s old-school tradition and industry-leading results, expertise, and acumen into a modern, interactive website.

“…after researching big & small agencies, digital graphic design firms and scanning web reviews, we selected e9digital to be our partner on the re-design and development of our website. From aesthetics to functionality, Conrad Strabone, with his creative team and skilled coders succeeded in creating the website we envisioned. e9digital met our expectations with methodical, thoughtful, and patient guidance and execution. We are pleased to be able to give e9digital our highest recommendation.”Gladys Chow | Director, Wealth Advisory, Capital Counsel

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