Decluttering Techno-Babble

Changing their tune.

TEC is an accomplished media planning agency with some of the biggest music industry names as clients. Yet, you wouldn’t know it from their site. Outdated, unresponsive, definitely not mobile-friendly and had a limited portfolio—were just a few of the challenges their site faced. TEC also didn’t want to be pigeonholed into just a music media company, but to showcase their experience with emerging brands, direct marketers and entertainment companies. With this massive amount of content at our disposal, we had our design and development work cut out for us.

Evolution in motion.

For e9, it started by doing a deep dive into their world. Understanding their needs, crunching their analytics, doing an audit of their competitors and seeing what makes their industry tick. This data allowed us to ideate on the type of user experience and visual language to maximize their impact with potential clients and job candidates. We began by transforming their static structure into a decluttered site with a generous helping of micro-interactions, dynamic user flow, vivid imagery and direct call-to-actions.

Center stage.

TEC represented a dream list of talent. For us, elevating their portfolio’s presence made the most sense as a way to incentivize potential clients and candidates to reach out and connect. Though, with an enormous amount of content (40 plus pieces) to migrate into the new system, our job became cutting, editing and developing an intuitive UI to ensure the site was digestible for visitors.

“We love the way our new site turned out! The staff at e9digital are great to work with. They were responsive and demonstrated a keen desire throughout the process to make sure we were pleased with the end product.”Larisa Fetterly | Sr Vice President, TEC

Starting a new beat.

As a client, TEC was open to do great creative work. This helped to strengthen the creative process. With TEC being the purveyors of a massive amount of content we relied on them to prioritize and collaborate when it came to the editing process. The end result, a site with a balance of information and accolades that incentivized potential clients and candidates to discover how TEC could be music to their ears.

“We RFP’d many website developers and e9digital provided the best proposal, value and guarantee. And guess what – they followed through on every promise. I’m thrilled with the outcome. We’ll continue to work with them in the future.”Charles Fetterly | President, TEC

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