Bottom-Up Marketing Strategy

Beefing up meatless packaging.

Unique. A tough selling point—especially in a market as saturated as the meat replacement category. From Impossible to Beyond, there’s an abundance of carnivorous-free options to choose from. So how does an agency like e9digital help a shiitake mushroom meat substitute from Haiphong, Vietnam (made by monks) make its mark? Well, when people say you can’t judge a book by its cover—they lie. In CPG (consumer packaged goods) land, packaging is king.

One 2.75 second look says it all.

Without a million-dollar multi-media budget backing us up, we had to rely on other ways to disrupt consumers along their shopper journey. We focused on the final stop before purchase—at shelf. To do this, we first needed to build the brand story. What should we call this product? What colors define the brand? Font treatments? Logo looks? Taglines? Food “you can almost taste” photography? All of these ingredients went into our recipe for winning at shelf—creating packaging that served as our product’s billboard. A brand identity that had to be attention-grabbing enough for consumers to go Beyond the Impossible and choose what will amaze—Zamaze!

Rabbis, French Canadians, and Flexitarians.

While visibility played a pivotal role, knowing our target is key. Our methodical research narrowed down our consumers to be urban, middle-income, liberal, 18 to 50 Flexitarians. Not to be confused with vegetarians, the Flexitarians segment does eat meat but is always looking to reduce their carnivorous intake—without entirely kicking the habit. Aside from the target, knowing our distribution channels also proved to be vital. Kosher markets, natural food stores, and even Canadian grocers further contributed to defining the communication hierarchy that we used for all of our brand elements.

This is how we do it—offline.

Taking on a bottom-up creative project like this was a challenge, but also helped to further prove the strength of e9digital’s full-service capabilities—we’ve got the Madison Ave talent, even though we’re on W. 38th. It showed our clients that we have the skills to go beyond the browser to develop creative that’s sticky and stands out while still being true to a brand’s core values. Benefits that not only prove to be a hit in-store, but helped us avoid conflict with a very hands-on client.

The finished product is…

Zamaze experienced a successful launch that definitely put them on the meatless map. For now, it’s all about giving the brand the chance to grow and flourish at shelf. And hey, if that’s enough to warrant a few more tasty additions to their portfolio—we’d love to cook up a new plan.

When our creative team taste-tested the product, we truly were “zAMAZEd” at how delicious, chewy and meat-like this shiitake mushroom product was. It was so good, you could eat it cold out of the bag. We knew we had to give it our 110% best thinking and effort in spite of the limited media budget.

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