For Construction Websites, Less is More

Floor to Ceiling Praise

New York-based ARC Interior Construction has an impressive portfolio of work. With a whole list of satisfied customers in New York City, New Jersey, Westchester, and beyond, the wall and ceiling subcontractors have left their mark on stores and residences all across the greater New York City area. So when it came time to constructing the perfect website and logo, they went to a fellow top New York business, e9digital.

Not just another pretty portfolio

ARC wanted a company website that was simple, clean, and super easy to navigate. We all felt that their resume of past clients and projects really spoke for itself, so devoting a large portion of the site to case studies and a project portfolio felt like a no-brainer. Our web development team created a simple architecture that allowed ARC to showcase their work. While our web designers created a clean but visually dynamic layout. We also gave their logo a sophisticated refresh—using customized typography to create lettering that acted as a representation of their name.

A signature simple design

Overall, the client was happy with their website and felt that we perfectly executed their original vision. Based on our past industry experience, when it comes to construction websites, the simpler the better. It’s all about letting the impressiveness of the portfolio’s work speak for itself.

“I want to thank you and your team on a job well done. Conrad and Jina were a pleasure to work with and we’re very happy with the end result. I will enthusiastically recommend e9 to anyone interested in digital media.”ARC Interior Construction

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