September 20, 2023

e9digital Evolved Pasich, LLP’s Website Into a Modern Design

E9digital Elevates Pasich, LLP’s Dark Website Into a Bright, Hopeful Destination for Legal Help

Pasich, LLP considers themselves to be just like the CIA: you only hear about them when something goes wrong. They work behind the scenes with tried and true strategies to take denials of claims from insurance companies and turn that into money for their clients—often more than they ever thought they could have received.

The law firm had an existing website, but it fell flat when it came to synergy. The website felt dark and dreary, and the law firm needed to emphasize hope for their clients through bright and crisp imagery. 

Pasich, LLP turned to e9digital due to our experience with legal websites and ability to create custom graphics and designs found nowhere else. e9digital operates on the understanding that no law firm is the same, so each site should stand apart to cater to the vastly different needs of each.

Using the Science of the Ocean to Bring Calm to People Under Extreme Stress

e9digital understood that Pasich, LLP’s target audience was people under duress, experiencing tumultuous legal and business issues. Studies have shown that the coast represents a safe place where people experience freedom from the stress and strain of life. 

One of e9digital’s experienced project managers led the design team to explore this idea. After renovating the color scheme from muted, dark tones to light, peaceful hues and embedding active ocean graphics, the website mimicked the feeling of walking alongside the beach. The website now embodies that feeling of calm, so that anyone in a high-pressure situation can feel more at peace, even in something as simple as looking at a website.

Another critical piece was ensuring the website could be accessed by anyone. Our team audited the website for ADA compliance, ensuring that every visitor can read and understand the content. We also formatted a mobile-friendly design, so people can secure the help they need anywhere.


Creating a Website That Highlights How Pasich, LLP Puts the Client First

Pasich, LLP needed a synergistic website that emotionally showed what their legal services deliver to clients: relief. The law firm loved that e9digital honed in on a design that put the law firm’s care for their clients front and center and created a streamlined section for each attorney, allowing potential clients to contact someone in seconds. Even though the photos have different backgrounds, they all offer a clear, brighter consistency and synergistic feel with the placing of each lawyer and shape of the photo.

“With every detail, from the soothing ocean waves to the sharp image contrast in all site photography, we wanted to imbue a bright feeling that Pasich, LLP offers their clients hope for a better tomorrow.” - Tim Kirchoff, Lead Designer & Developer

e9digital evolved Pasich, LLP’s website into a safe haven for people experiencing immense stress and potential financial ruin. Pasich, LLP offers life-changing services for their clients, and so the design emphasized the security someone feels when receiving the help needed in the hardest of circumstances.

Does your law firm need a website that emotionally communicates your value to clients? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital