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Spending dollars to make sense, learn more

Budget for Rich Media

Organic placement always makes sense to grow your followers. However, for brands looking to make a big jump, paid media can be a way to go.

Of course, the question is which channel makes the most sense for your brand and will it maximize ranking performance.

Let your agency be your guide

Finding the right agency means looking for a partner that knows what goes into online media placement. Even the best performing platforms need further analysis to see if they work for your brand. Posting times also come into play. As an agency, we execute these plans all the time. So we can pass on some of our proven knowledge to our clients.

  • Data with drive
    We eat, sleep and breathe data. That’s how we learned what to look for to make informed decisions about media options for our clients.
  • Creating a stage for creative
    You can have the most disruptive creative in the world, but if no one sees it, what’s the point? That’s why we work on a plan to not only find the best media for your brand, but one that also makes sense for our creative campaigns.
  • Change with challenges
    We always want the social analytics to fall in favor. Of course, if a campaign isn’t going the way we want for our client, the best thing we can do is be nimble. We quickly want to assess what’s wrong and do what we can to correct what wasn’t working to deliver change for the better.



Step 1

Follow that competitor

Aside from knowing about you, we want to know where your competitors go to haul in the views. Our goal is to find those digital opportunities for your brand, to maximize your awareness within your industry.


Step 2

The strategic checklist

When we work with our clients, the first thing we want to do is develop our checklist. A list that we share with our clients so they can see everything that goes into building the right strategy—from ideation to launch.


Step 3

Keywords that click

A giant site like Google gets billions of views, daily. That translates to lots of views needed to get to that elusive first page. Though visibility is not just about paid media but the content and CTA to move you forward?


Step 4

Social Influence

Even if you have a limited budget that doesn’t mean you can’t create a big impact. From an agency perspective, it’s just important to know this upfront. This will help us craft an organic and paid strategy that makes sense for your brand. We also make sure our clients understand that ad budgets also include creative costs along with paid media placement.


Step 5

Go where they go

Sure, first and foremost you should be devoting a good portion of your budget to the almighty Google to net the best search results for your brand. Though, the more we know about your customers the more focused we can be. Meaning, we can place you on specialist sites where your target congregates. Again, the more data we accumulate the better chances of finding these online opportunities.


Step 6

Your brand on Youtube

The other jewel in the Google empire is Youtube. While Google allows you to be searched, Youtube allows you to be seen and heard. Banners. Sponsorships. Promos. There are all kinds of options for you to get your brand word out on this platform. The best opportunity and bang for your buck comes with not just buying the media, but also teaming up with the talent. An opportunity that will net you views and unique content you can use for your own postings.


Step 7

Measuring the metrics of success

Key performance indicators (KPI) are vital in seeing movement in your ranking—good and bad. It’s important to know what’s happening through the life of your digital campaign so we can measure its success and make improvements if needed. What can be tricky, is when there's a change in your ranking. Is it placement or content? With our years, of experience, we’re able to analyze the KPI’s in such a way that we can figure out the most likely answer.