July 27, 2023

e9digital launched MultiFamily Consultants’ digital presence with a comprehensive website!

e9 digital Pioneered a Website that Revitalizes Real Estate

MultiFamily Consulting boosts the income-generating potential of property for landlords without increasing overhead or expenses. The company builds and leverages relationships with important players in critical industries that include banking, utilities, and vending companies, so they know exactly when to seize lucrative opportunities for their client’s investments.

While MultiFamily Consulting had amassed high-profile vendors, including Comcast, AT&T, and PG&E, they lacked a website where they could exhibit their game-changing services to their target audience. 

The company came to e9 because they’d seen our work with Get Covered and loved the look and feel, so wanted us to create a similar user experience. 

A Website That Boosts Bottom Lines for Both MultiFamily Consulting and the Landlords Who Utilize Their Services

“The client made it clear that the site needed to have a modernistic aesthetic while quickly communicating a sense of security and simplicity. Customized animations, short blurbs, and strong calls to action were our primary focus.” - Jason Solak, Senior Production Manager

e9digital’s project manager honed the website around the idea of “revitalizing your real estate.” He worked one-on-one with the client to provide direction and clarity so that the final product was a website that

✅ Showcased the breadth of premier service categories and depth of experience that MultiFamily Consulting offers to clients.

✅ Streamlined the four-step process in a clearly communicated “How It Works” section, so landlord’s could understand in seconds how MultiFamily Consulting saves them money.

✅ Elevated UX, making it easy for interested parties to navigate the site through a clear header and CTA button that simplified the sales pipeline with a free evaluation form.

Improving Properties for Landlords and Residents

Multi-Family Consultants provides powerful income-generating services for landlords, and were thrilled with how we streamlined those offerings into a digestible format. Now, landlords can easily understand how to unlock their earning potential through Multi-Family Consultants to increase the value of their properties and make the buildings a better place for residents to live.

e9digital created a website that proves MultiFamily Consultants is a must-use service for landlords in all 50 states by emphasizing how they can grow new revenue streams and keep their properties attractive in competitive markets.

Need a website built from scratch to effectively sell your services to your target audience? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital