June 29, 2023

BEBQueen’s New Glamorous Ecommerce Website

e9digital Designs a Website Worthy of a Catwalk

BEBQueen offers exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces for plus-size women but lacked a website that portrayed their elevated brand voice. And without the ability to remove a piece after it’s purchased, the company had no intrinsic way to sell their product.

e9 was brought on to launch a website that displayed every product and hammered down BEBQueen’s brand voice without taking the spotlight off the clothes.

“We took their product and made a website that imbued a museum feel inspired by the luxury of Louis XVI with gold highlight text and a marble background. BEBQueen creates handcrafted fashion with a wow factor so that plus-size women stand out and don’t just blend in with the crowd. The website highlights that without detracting from the main product: their incredible clothes.”

We worked closely with BEBQueen to produce a website that:
  • Displays unique, one-of-a-kind designs as the colorful elements of the site.
  • Boasts effective ecommerce capabilities for one-off custom products. Once an item is purchased, it disappears.
  • Highlights compelling language to remind shoppers they’re worthy of excellence.
  • Seamlessly loads across any device so customers can shop anywhere.

Quality Websites = Happy Clients

BEB Queen loved that we walked them through every step of the process, wrote compelling CTAs to drive clicks, and effectively communicated their brand through a luxurious tone that reminds their shoppers they deserve to look fantastic.

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Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital