The Beauty of Commerce

Growing those Brooklyn roots.

Mes Thès (pronounced May Tea), means “my teas” in french. Getting its start in the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, this fledgling brand quickly developed a rep for offering high-quality all-natural hair treatments, skincare products, and cleansing teas. As Mes Thès expanded their client base and self-care product portfolio, they realized a basic ecommerce solution wasn’t going to cut it. They needed a more holistic approach, and e9 had the formula.

A beauty branding regiment.

With this expansion came the next logical step. Packaging. Sure, when it came to their local following, it was all about the ingredients. On a national scale, customer education was key. All-natural. No additives. Cleansing. All of these attributes needed to be front and center with a design that made sense with the brand. With our branding experience, we created an all-encompassing look that offered total synergy—from packaging to the site. We were also able to take our client step by step through the entire packaging process.

Keeping them checked in at check out.

In developing the Mes Thès ecommerce strategy, we found their biggest challenge would be at the cart. Sure, on a local level, their customer issues would be somewhat manageable. Though, once expanding to a national scale, they would need a more solid, failsafe process. One that was flexible, especially pertaining to purchases options. In our research, it became evident that aside from one-time purchases, customers wanted the option of an auto-ship (subscription) option. This required the use of WordPress and WooCommerce with a premium plugin that integrated this streamlined purchase process.

An all-natural fit.

Being able to be on the same page with the client through the entire process was not just key for our team, but also for the success of the project. For Mes Thès, it has resulted in further growth nationally as well as the expansion into the global market. The true beauty of successful ecommerce.

“Working with a collaborative client like Mes Thès, allows for a more open, free-flowing development and design process.” Ben Blodgett | Technical Director, e9digital

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