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Go for a Fast Fix

Slow. Definitely a taboo word when it comes to digital. The last thing you want is a site that is mind-numbingly slow, unreliable and outdated. That’s the quickest way to lose customers and tarnish your brand reputation. Sure, you could attempt to DIY your site, but without the proper training that could worsen the situation and reflect badly on your brand.

With decades of experience, e9digital has worked with all kinds of clients to correct these issues and get sites up and running with high-performance power and a clear UI to click with customers.

Case Study

Industry Intuition
Audience views tend to differ. In this design, our team explores the gaming industry's style.

Rebranding Shiny Shoe:

Game Developer Integrates Handmade Comic-Book Feel Without Alienating Corporate Clients

Develop a digital agency relationship

You might not know code, but you do know the results of it. So when it comes to choosing a digital agency the best first step is reviewing their portfolio. Seeing if their client experience and skillsets make sense for your brand.

  • A match made in digital.
    Even with an agency that has all the experience in the world, you still need to see if you can sustain a working relationship for the life of the project. For us, we totally understand the importance of client relations, which is why it’s at the top of our priority list. We want clients to see us as a partner rather than just a vendor.
  • Bottom line basics.
    This is your brand, so you don’t want to leave your site up to chance. You want the biggest creative bang for your buck that makes sense for your identity—that pushes beyond what’s expected within your industry. All done in a way that fits in your time schedule and budget.
  • The right range of partnerships.
    A combination of breadth and depth is important. Technology platforms have different strengths and capabilities, and platform-specific expertise is highly valuable. But if your agency only knows one platform, guess what they’re going to recommend for you?



Step 1

Complete site architecture

Everything needs to be discussed and planned out in this stage. Workflows. UI. Regulatory guidelines. Pretty much all details that will impact the development of your site. Our agency will take this stage as a chance to be as detailed as possible to avoid any missteps or unwanted surprises on the development journey.


Step 2

Diving into the design

This is the time we set the designer and copywriter lose with a brief in hand to start creating. While it’s great to push the envelope, we want to make sure it’s done in a way that keeps within the guidelines and matches up with the established site map and UI strategy.


Step 3

Developing the site to life

With front end and back end coding, time needs to be allocated to do it right. Especially when working with a variety of languages (PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript). You want to give ample time to beta test to make sure the site will run smoothly. A good agency should be CMS-centric to be able to handle all types of development feedback. For this stage, to keep on schedule we assign a project manager to be the client liaison, ensuring all feedback is captured.


Step 4

Check, recheck and check again

It’s all about ensuring whatever you design actually does its job. As a result, e9 will have endless checkpoints to ensure we are on the right track—leading right up to the final beta testing when the client gets to review. Though, all stages of corrections can always be made.


Step 5

Final launch and handoff

Once the site is over for us, it’s just the beginning for you. So we want to make sure you’re prepared, which is why e9 creates an instructional video. A handy bible consisting of CMS training that you can refer to anytime to make site updates or content revisions.