A Cut Above The Rest

Stylish downtown hair design entrepreneurs Yaniv and Yoni came together to launch YGallery Salon Soho—a signature salon with branded beauty products.

Besides comprehensive branding work for YGallery, e9digital also designed and produced promotional materials like postcards, gift cards and digital ads.

e9digital’s work extended into special event cards and announcements, packaging, and complete Corp ID materials.

e9digital also contracted and production-managed YGallery’s many printing needs.

Customer and staff shirts were also designed and produced by e9digital.

Once the final logo was approved, e9digital designed and managed the installation of store signage.

e9digital contracted one of the many vendors that work as partners to ensure that all elements of a client’s brand are perfectly implemented.

e9digital’s comprehensive logo branding work for YGallery included many typographic and mood-setting image treatments.

e9digital’s graphic designers emphasized the balanced Y’s (“YgallerY”) which stood for the owners, Yaniv and Yoni, in a few typographic logo treatments.

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