February 28, 2024

Food and Beverage Web Design Excellence: Siena Development

e9digital Cooked Up a Refreshed Website for Siena Development’s Creative Food and Beverage Consulting Firm

Looking to add the latest vegan treat to the shelf, Siena Development has been behind some of the biggest CPG releases. They offer a wide range of services for their clients with fast speed-to-market solutions. However, their website failed to effectively articulate the expansive nature of their work, and it lacked a prestigious, upscale feel that reflects the sophistication of their client base.

Siena had hired e9digital previously to assist with necessary WordPress upgrades to their previous site. The firm had a fantastic experience with Conrad, the President of e9digital, and was eager to work with him again. Additionally, Siena’s Director of Research & Development, John Zuccarello, was impressed by e9digital’s portfolio. “We wanted the website to look sleek and efficient, and that was really the thing that made us go with e9digital. A lot of what you have on your website was what we wanted to project. Even though we do CPG and food, we wanted to have that sleek, professional, city edge.” 

Before e9digital crafted Siena’s website, the firm had been completing all of the website marketing on their own. Because they prefer this hands-on method, e9digital provided WordPress website design services. The firm can go in and make changes as needed, such as adding press to their news page.

Crafting a Modern Web Design For Food and Beverage to Define Siena Development and Cut the Competitive Clutter

One of e9digital’s most important tasks was to effectively communicate the breadth of consulting and product development services that Siena offers to clients. Many start-up CPG and beverage clients are unaware of the intricacies of the food and beverage industry. The modern design showcases Siena’s vast knowledge to corporate clients and helps start-up clients understand the pipeline from conception to shelf through two features on the home page.

The hero image features both text and enticing product imagery, paired with a drop-down menu that guides website visitors to the relevant service page. Clickable icons explain each service on the home page and how they are connected. The plus sign reveals a one-sentence preview of the service. This helps users understand in seconds exactly what Siena offers and entices the reader to click on the “Learn More” CTA.

Siena has a wealth of experience with some of the biggest organizations in the food industry, including Nestlé and Unilever, so e9digital increased awareness of their past work through active graphics of the company’s logos. The upgraded UX features bright colors and enticing photography to showcase Siena’s creativity and extensive success stories.

Furthermore, e9digital crafted an original logo that played on both the “S” in Siena and the DNA double-helix, one of the four fundamental macromolecular components. This logo emphasizes the precision and quality that Siena delivers to every single one of their clients.

Elevating Siena Development Through an Easily-Customized Web Design

With the new design, the precise, high-quality work that Siena does for every client is reflected to every visitor exploring the firm’s website for the first time. This allowed the firm to accomplish their goals and effectively sell their services to high-profile corporate clients within the B2B space. 

According to Zuccarello, “When we went into this project with you guys, we were saying that we wanted more clients, especially from the New York City Metro area. And I can tell you, within the last few months, 85% of our clients have been from New York City. So whatever you guys did visually really gave them the confidence to say that we could handle it, and we understood the flow and the pace of it. So we were very encouraged by that.” 

A top-rated creative website design and marketing firm in NYC, e9digital creates custom websites that convert by focusing on the needs of the client’s target audience.

“e9digital teams with companies in every industry to produce websites that elevate your marketing goals. If you need a refreshed website that speaks to your target audience, let’s talk!” – Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital