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Technology is Changing on a Dime

In this social age, the customer is always right. With hundreds of online platforms to amplify a voice, people can post and share brand opinions with the entire world in just a click. That’s why in this digital economy brands need to be nimble and be able to pivot with ever-changing consumer trends. At e9digital, this is at the forefront of what we do.

It’s not just about skinning your site, but ensuring the framework and UI are in working order to handle your brand and customer needs.

Case Study

Big Business Wow with Small Biz Bucks
A small budget doesn’t mean you can’t have some beautiful bells and whistles.

Big Website Design

Especially for Small Businesses

Tech talents

Working with someone who knows the coding languages will only take you so far. You might get your site up and running, but then what? You need to know the big digital picture. That’s why along with designers and coders we have digital solution experts who specialize in all types of online strategies.

  • We start with silence
    Sure, we can talk up strategy, but we’d rather hear what you say first. That’s why in order to craft the right solutions, we kick off all projects with an in-depth client meeting to learn all about all of your needs and goals.
  • We speak all languages
    Technology is ever-changing from all angles. In essence, that means there is always a wide range of solutions for any digital project. Our goal, to find out your needs and offer options rather than dictate the answer.
  • Translate into client speak
    Tech people do speak their own language. While it’s helpful to get work done fast, it can be cumbersome when explaining this process to clients. For this reason, we prefer client presentations rather than just sending out the work. We don’t want to just present, but also translate the rationale so clients understand our thinking.



The Research Deep Dive

Understanding your process

Understanding your brand isn’t just about your products or services. It’s also learning how you get things done. In order to design the right strategy we need to know your process—everything that works and areas you’d love to improve.


Simplifying External Resources

Are all your vendors working for you?

That’s the big question when creating a streamlined process. It’s not just about what you’re doing internally, but how you deal with external help. Vendors. While they do offer needed services to keep you up and running, you might experience an overlap. Through our data gathering process, we can help you understand how you can make sensible cost-effective cuts when needed.



Choosing a strategy that makes sense to you

Sure, we can develop frameworks until the cows come home, but honestly, if it doesn’t work for you—it doesn’t mean much. That’s why when we develop the framework strategies we have multiple check-ins internally and with our clients. Cost. Security. Online performance. These are all important factors all parties need to assess to ensure you end up with a process that works for your brand.


Test Run Repeat.

Our strategy safety net

We can plan, review and develop digital models. Of course, once you launch this process, X factors come into play. Unknowns from the external world that can impact your strategy. The prime reason we are always ready to revise and update any of our established lines of communication if they are broken or experience any other hurdles. Hey, this kinda stuff happens. The trick is to partner with an agency that is always prepared when it does.