Design that Sings

Finding your voice.

In a city like New York, big voices are in no short supply. From Broadway stars to taxi drivers, it’s next to impossible to make yourself heard amongst the masses. But that’s where e9digital and our next client, Fundamental Voice, have something in common. We both devote our time to helping people find their voice and stand out from the crowd.

Meet the client.

Fundamental Voice is a business run by voice trainer Andrew Chanos. When he first reached out to our Manhattan-based digital agency, he was just starting to seriously build his business around teaching his unique voice lesson methodology and needed an online presence that would help him stand out from New York masses.

Design that grabs attention…

Our web design team got together to create a sleek, high-end design that matched Andrew’s professionalism and credibility. Dark teal and gold gradients separate sections of content, and dynamic, full-bleed images draw attention to the top of each page. Our copywriter worked with Andrew to create engaging headers and organize and polish his copy so that readers could immediately identify what made his methodology unique.

…and functionality that retains it.

e9’s web developer increased the functionality of the site by creating a custom-skinned booking program that allows users to easily schedule a voice lesson with Andrew. Today, Andrew has a totally professional website that does the bulk of his marketing and scheduling work for him, allowing him to devote his time to what he does best: teaching.

I recently worked with e9digital to build a website for my recently launched business. From start to finish, their whole team was completely effective and highly professional. They answered every question I had and realized how I envisioned my website down to every small detail. The website they created looks sleek and very much high-end. I 100% recommend e9 if you are looking for any help in building a website.”Andrew Chanos | Owner, Fundamental Voice

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