February 29, 2024

Web Design for Law Firm: The Danow Group’s Bold New Website

The Danow Group Increases Their Proof With a Modern Website From e9digital

With an impressive 45+ years in business, The Danow Group, PLLC guides alcohol, food, and cannabis businesses through regulatory complexities. The firm previously focused more on estate and trust work, but gradually their business evolved to take on alcoholic beverage law clients. They needed a new website that spoke to their comprehensive legal counsel in that arena and wanted to be a resource for businesses regarding alcoholic beverage law. Furthermore, Danow needed a seamless UX design that made it simple for visitors to understand their services and explore the site.

Attorney and founding member of the Danow Group Keven Danow hired e9digital because “My son is a partner at Katsy Korins, LLP, and they were happy with your work.” e9digital has completed dozens of legal websites and understands the intricacies of the profession, including advertising rules such as disclaimers at the bottom of the page.

Looking to the Prohibition Era to Create an Elevated Aesthetic

Alcohol has a storied past in American history, with the Prohibition Era offering a fascinating exploration of the importance of the beverage in culture. That’s why e9digital created a header image honoring that period, with three blended photographs guiding the visitor from the past to the present. This demonstrates Danow’s understanding of the past, but that they don’t live within the constraints of old ways of thinking. They use their vast experience to think outside of the box to get a yes for their clients. These images flowed seamlessly into the warm brown color scheme, which emanates strength and reliability, which the firm offers to its many business clients.

An ADA-compliant legal website design was implemented to ensure that visiting The Danow Group’s website is a stress-free experience. The header features a menu that’s easy to navigate, and the home page has a visual hierarchy that puts the most important information first. White space is added to the page to create six distinct boxes highlighting the firm’s services. Active, clickable CTA buttons such as “Learn More” and “View Services” invite visitors to participate in the site and experience what Danow has to offer.

Additionally, e9digital crafted a custom logo for The Danow Group, inspired by the top-shelf bottle of alcohol often found at a beverage-focused law firm. The bottles were arranged in a way to represent the more typical legal columns found on courthouses and national buildings. The typeface selected compliments the logo with the varied thickness of lines, creating a robust, memorable image.

A Refined Web Design For A Law Firm That Accomplishes the Danow Group’s Marketing Goals

The Danow Group has the capability to become a go-to resource for businesses in the food and beverage industry because they have free reign of their website. The team can make changes as needed and add articles relevant to their clients to increase their reach. When working with e9digital, expect a collaborative creative process that produces a unique website to boost your marketing KPIs.

A top-rated creative website design and marketing firm in NYC, e9digital creates custom websites that convert by focusing on the needs of the client’s target audience.

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Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital