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Ten years too long.

Talent strategy Group, helmed by best-selling author Marc Effron, is a consulting company focused on cultivating talent and achieving exceptional employee performance through their signature scientifically-proven strategy. With decades of experience, TSG has amassed a premier list of clients, spanning financial services, consumer products, technology, media, and more. For TSG, it was simply a matter of their ten-year-old website better reflecting this high-end business. Their litany of challenges included difficulty upgrading content, lack of functionality, minimal syncing with all digital touchpoints (website, email, and social), a muddled consumer journey, as well as other issues that caused a disconnect with potential clients. Understanding and prioritizing all of these issues became a task in itself.

Develop and declutter.

With our hierarchy of challenges in place, we divided and conquered. Our creative team went through looking to cut and streamline all of the extraneous content. While our developers set out to expand the site map to accommodate additional client services. To better track attendance and manage client events, we created a customized system and virtual registration forms that tied into the Event Brite platform. We then upgraded the UI to make it easier for clients to access educational materials. On the marketing front, we integrated their robust email marketing system into our newly established CRM so it was easily accessible, allowed for automation, and provided more in-depth customer analytics.

Data doing more.

Aside from the overabundance of site content, TSG had a massive PDFs collection that was basically collecting e-dust and offered no value, since they couldn’t index on Google. Not wanting to lose the benefit of this content, we converted all of the files into HTML to gain SEO and crawling traction. We then redeveloped their data capture model to incentivize potential customers to provide contact info and receive valuable downloadable educational content in return.

The upfront advantages.

When dealing with a site with this many moving parts, connecting with the client is key. From our end, it’s not just showing our capabilities, but truly understanding all of the client issues. Glossing over this step could result in a costly time-consuming mistake down the road—which we thankfully avoided.

“The client tasked us with developing a dynamic, engaging, polished corporate site, which is exactly what we delivered, thanks to a solid development strategy.” Ben Blodgett | Technical Director, e9digital

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