Website Design For Healthcare


Bringing a spectrum of vision into focus

Founded by global business leader, Namal Nawana, Neoenta’s focus is to invest in medical technologies with the potential to transform healthcare by developing and licensing their intellectual property assets and cultivating early-stage technological innovations prior to launch. With a creative mind and influencer like Namal, e9’s challenge was to allow the site to be more of a portal—offering a glimpse of all of his intellectual properties rather than an overload of content.

Going behind the vision

phase 1

A comprehensive discussion

With the brand being an actual person, Namal Nawana, our standard client kickoff process became more of an in-depth interview.

Crystalizing his vision

Aside from mining for the right brand data, it became more about being aligned with our client’s views of his public perception.

Creative that connects

To ensure an accurate representation of our client, we developed a creative brief with the established brand guidelines and hierarchy of communication.

Bringing the brand to life

phase 2
Without the constraints of a brand, our team was open to explore various creative routes, while still aligning with Namal’s overall vision.


To elevate the brand we used a thin serif font with a fiery orange gradient divider to evoke a visionary feel.


The deep black and warm gray tones add emotion to the imagery while allowing the white and amber orange colors to pop.


We chose a sans-serif font, to tie into the logo and keep with the clean, concise look.


phase 3
To be aligned with Namal Nawana’s line of thinking, we wanted the voice to be bold, evocative and challenge the status quo.

Visualizing passion

phase 4
Integrated imagery that connects to client on a personal level.

Visualizing Passion

Integrated imagery that connects to client on a personal level.

Mountainous range symbolizing magnificent discovery & innovation.

Coming Together

phase 5
Once we had sign-off on the concept, it was time to collect the content needed to build out the rest of the site.
Adding a hazy filter to the imagery creates a sharp contrast against the bold black background
Muted Highlights
Ghosted sunray imagery adds dimension to the background
Latest News
Highlights new innovations and exciting frontiers
Engaging Call to Action
Rather than separate the messaging, we integrated it into the background

Responsive design and development for tablets and phones

Deployment of the WordPress CMS built for easy content and image editing

Fading animations with parallax scrolling and transitional color scheme

Preparing for the reveal

phase 6

After the site is fully approved, we head into the development phase which includes a comprehensive Q&A along with beta testing.

“Tying in the imagery, new logo, and animation of the site allowed our design team to stretch our creative wings and bring a vision to life.” Tim Kirchoff, Lead Designer & Developer | e9digital

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