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Corporate branding, web design and photography

LM Cohen is a certified public accounting firm known for their unique ability to provide out-of-the-box thinking and innovative strategy as well as establish transparent and trusted relationships with clients. In August of 2020, LM Cohen approached e9digital with the purpose of developing a corporate rebranding strategy for their new name, LMC, as well as a website that best reflects their company values to attract new business, verticals, employees and gain tremendous visibility.

With a full-service project on the table, we relied on our previous dealings with accounting firms and the process we established to guide us from ideation to inception.

Discover and enlightenment

phase 1

Identify the project:

A clear and concise objective based on answers provided in the questionnaire. This should encapsulate the client’s initial thoughts, goals and challenges.

Understanding the client’s design requirements:

A series of questions to better understand brand guidelines, website aesthetics, content and assets available to us.

Creative strategy:

Based on our analysis of the information provided, we present an overarching strategy that will answer the client objectives and be a catalyst for our creative team.

Beginnings of a brand

phase 2
Over the course of 4 rounds of creative, e9 presented 70+ logo options.
Represents industry knowledge
Represents moving forward with a curved font conveying open honesty
Chic, artsy stencil evokes an urban, bold flavor
Pie graph icon ties to services cultivating client growth
Strength of lasting relationships (Confidence, Versatility, Resourcefulness)
The Winner
Line graphs on an upward trajectory. A clear signal to clients that business is in the black. A solid performance. Success!
  • Clean, simple graphic
  • Shows action, progression
  • Has polished corporate feel

Collateral collaboration

phase 3
Leveraging the logo look and feel to craft a range of impactful collateral.
Build on first impression
Showcase contact info and call to action
Generate additional awareness
Enhance corporate presence so your brand stays top of mind with customers

continuing to tell the brand story with mini-branded billboards

Let the development begin

phase 4
Introducing the new branding and website with a nod to the past
Concise yet specific, with bold font weight for added emphasis
CUSTOM iconography
Simplistic designs to represent industries served
A showcase of clients reinforcing expertise and client relationships
Accounting, tax, and financial service callouts
Polished Content
Retaining industry speak but adapted for redesign
Custom Photography
Beautiful interiors, candid work shots, and professional portraits
Job Recruitment
Dedicated career callouts and landing page to engage prospects
Calls To Action
Dedicated callouts, contact forms and resource downloads

Responsive design and development for tablets and phones

Full deployment of the WordPress CMS built for extendability and easy editing

ADA Compliant to ensure accessibility for all potential visitors

Integrated SEO module that includes Google Analytics & XML Sitemap

Photo shoot

phase 5

2 Days


professional photography enhances the website, benefits future collateral pieces, and offers a “best foot forward” in recruiting

20+ Portraits

leadership + employees

Lighting / Styling

neutral colors, subtle patterns, minimalistic jewelry


phase 6

Key Learnings: Accurate Accountability

LMC has been impressed with the capabilities and commitment of e9digital. With the website soon to be launched, there are already plans for future collateral projects in the works.

While the logo/website process did go multiple rounds, the accurate collection, sharing and analysis of feedback was pivotal in demonstrating to our client we listened and understood all of their concerns.

“Well, I’m overwhelmed…”
(in a good way)Lee M. Cohen, CEO

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