Meatless Nation

Beefing up meatless packaging

Unique. A tough selling point—especially in a market as saturated as the meat replacement category. From Impossible to Beyond, there’s an abundance of carnivorous-free options to choose from. So how does an agency like e9digital help a shiitake mushroom meat substitute from Haiphong, Vietnam (made by monks) make its mark? It’s all in our CPG recipe for success.

Our signature branding recipe

phase 1

Know our audience

Our methodical research determined the target to be urban, middle-income, liberal, 18 to 50 Flexitarians (people looking to reduce their carnivorous intake—without entirely kicking the habit).

Capturing all the ingredients

The creative team was tasked with bottom-up branding that included a color palette, font treatment, voice, product name and imagery.

Creative development

Based on a limited marketing budget, our packaging needed to not just offer consumers basic information about this innovative product, but also serve as a brand billboard.

Building the brand

phase 2
With the strategy solidified, our team created a name that embodied the company’s core values. This not only would help strike a chord with consumers, but aid in the designing of the logos for the brand and product.
Bold, flowing font evokes a revolutionary, innovative feel.
The mushroom within the leafy burst captures a zen balance.
The Winners
Both Zamaze and Meatless Nation standalone logos carry a power, energy, and uniqueness.
  • Shared font and organic shapes
  • Synergy and cohesiveness when used together

Photo shoot

phase 3

To give the product a high-end feel, the food photography was shot at the client’s sushi restaurant in New Jersey.


phase 4
While production made sure the packaging was in compliance with production regulations, our creative team worked on a design that would stand out at shelf.

We developed an in-person marketing campaign to further educate consumers about the brand to aid in their purchasing decision.

Developing a digital presence

phase 5
We utilized photography from the package shoot for the website
Targeted content
Headlines and key messaging focused on established consumer demographics
High-end photography enhanced the “deliciousness” of the product
Direct quotes from consumers added to the validity of the product to help incentivize purchase
Showing the entire breadth of products while demonstrating usage
Helps reinforce the healthy product attributes, while being consistent with the established branding
visitor engagement
Providing education while developing a customer dialogue to build brand loyalty
inspirational recipes
Promote repeat usage, with culinary creations that bring out consumers’ inner chef

Responsive design and development so every visitor can easily browse the site

Deployment of the WordPress CMS built for easy addition of products and recipes

Micro hover and fading animations with parallax scrolling

Integrated map showing availability in stores across the country

Made with love… and skill

phase 6

Lessons learned about the agency landscape

Startups often have huge ideas and a ton of passion! However, they also have big competitors with deep pockets and seemingly endless budgets. Fortunately, teams like e9 level the playing field by offering a comparable range of services provided by individuals with large agency backgrounds. This project allowed our team to showcase multiple facets of our capabilities, and while working with startups is always an amazing experience…. this one, was “Zamazing!”

“It’s exciting to see a product come to life on the shelf as a direct result of our creative vision and strategy.”
(in a good way)Tim Kirchoff, Lead Designer & Developer | e9digital

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