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Law firms are not the same, even though they are categorically in the “law industry” – a corporate firm is not a boutique firm, nor is it a personal injury firm. At e9, we work hard to identify the lawyer’s (your) brand, and we also work to showcase who you are and the specific services and uniqueness you deliver.JINA KIEM | Partner, Creative Director

Custom Design. Case Closed.

If you do a quick search of basic websites in the legal field, it doesn’t take long to notice what clearly seems to be a templated pattern. Sure, there will inevitably be some overlap in website structure and hierarchy within any industry, but how you work within those parameters is what separates you from the masses, and users definitely notice.

With such a wide-ranging field and so many unique entities within that field, it’s all the more important to work with a team that will take the time to understand who you are, who your audience is, and how to build a website that connects you both. There are agencies out there who “specialize” in law and legal websites. However, with such a narrow focus, their sites often follow a template, which can miss the mark on defining the more personal, unique attributes of your firm.

Our Experience is Well Documented

e9digital has collaborated with an extensive list of clients in the legal field, and while our process stays the same, the final products have varied greatly from site to site. That is something we pride ourselves on, and the way it should be. Whether approached by large firms or small practices, corporate law groups, or injury attorneys – no two sites will be alike. There are certainly best practices, tried and true methods of getting users the information they need, and placing it where they inherently expect it to be, but it’s in the key messaging, the details, the interactivity, and the professional polish that reflects each one’s individuality. It’s in this area where e9, as a full-service agency, stands apart from those with a more narrow focus. Our tight-knit team also understands legal clients, we pivot and design to specific needs and accommodate special timelines, and client schedules.

No Law Firm is the Same…

We take a look at just a few of our projects, and how honing in on key unique company or client traits dictate the identity of the final product.

High Profile Firms

Corporate or high-end boutique firms who boast a team of accomplished lawyers benefit from focusing on their individual and combined credentials. Keeping a polished, custom aesthetic reflects their stature and reputation and communicates directly to their high-profile clientele.

Katsky Korins is one of the premier general practice law firms of its size in New York City, and specializes in more than eight areas of practice while housing more than 30 lawyers.

With such impressive credentials and a highly-distinguished team, our designers used a limited color palette, subtle animations, and ample whitespace to convey the level of confidence and sophistication they’ve earned and represent. Information is kept minimal, and the focus is put on the team themselves to let their experience and qualifications do the talking. Users are strategically led down one of the multiple paths that lead to individual attorney pages, which houses individual bios, backgrounds, credentials, and personal contact information. With such a focus on the individuals, the video and photography were coordinated by our team specifically for the site.

e9 ADDITIONAL DELIVERABLE: in addition to the site design and development, e9digital also provided ADA compliance services

LA-based law firm specializing in insurance recovery for Fortune 500 companies, Pasich LLP, was in need of a smaller yet sophisticated, and more fashionable identity to match their flashy Los Angeles persona.

To attract and retain high profile, high net worth clients, e9digital needed to position Pasich as a boutique brand with highly-established credibility. The website uses modern web techniques that allowed a lot of elements to have visual angles, which complicated the development phase, but ultimately made the site unique. This effect is most prominent on the attorneys page and offers a unique take on a page that every firm’s website will have. In the end, it’s aspects like these that provide that unique, stylized, custom, high-end look, which is something that is often avoided by agencies in favor of a more templated simplified approach.


Personal with Personality

When the website is solely focused on the namesake members or individual owners, a more personal approach is taken to highlight the unique aspects of the business and its offerings.

Partners Ashley Kirkham and Victoria Raikes, of Kirkham Raikes, are experienced attorneys who are also mothers to young children.

Focused on making the process of estate planning accessible to busy families and individuals, they rarely bill by the hour, preferring a flat fee to allow for open communications without clients as worried about accruing additional costs. The homepage imagery focuses on family and has a photo album/collage treatment, softer tones and thin lines create a sense of comfort, and a focus on Ashley and Victoria reinforce a sense of intimacy and familiarity. Simplified navigation, a short contact form, numbered steps for their process drive home accessibility characteristics of their brand.

Eve Rachel Markewich and Lawrence Rosenstock of Markewich and Rosenstock LLP use their complementary styles to serve their clients best by working as a team, rather than each of them representing different clients.

Their unique philosophy is that the client works with the Partnership, not just the individual lawyers. Eve and Larry have been the face of the Firm since its inception in 2006, but employ associates and staff who are dedicated to their ideology. While their unique individuality influenced the use of pops of color seen in the logo, photography, and site elements, always showing the two together on the site reinforces their commitment to working as a team.

Damali Peterman of Damali Law is a skilled corporate attorney, negotiator, mediator, and educator with experience working with clients throughout the world, across a wide array of industries.

With the site’s focus specifically on Damali and her credentials, the photography follows suit, showing Damali in a professional light and filling multiple roles. Informative but segmented sections reiterate her multi-talented persona, and housing testimonials in the universal footer amplify the message of her competence on each page.


Injury Lawyers

In this sub-sect of the industry, the site’s message is best aimed directly at communicating to prospective clients the accomplishments, stats, and results that have been achieved recently and over time. It is also important to offer multiple ways to quickly reach out, as to not miss any chance for a valuable lead in this highly competitive market.

Grossman Attorneys at Law are an experienced and caring team of skilled professionals committed to helping clients litigate Defense Base Act claims.

Lead attorney, Howard S. Grossman, has 25 years of experience litigating personal injury and workers compensation claims. To speak directly to users coming to the site for information, the sections are situated as questions such as: Need Help?, Do I Qualify? Have You Been Injured? Additionally, because many of the clientele were injured overseas, there is an emphasis on maps and coordinates. There is also an abundant amount of resources situated throughout the site to act as an immediate resource before reaching out. Each of these approaches are specific to the needs and requests of this client, offering a truly unique site in terms of both look and substance.

e9 ADDITIONAL DELIVERABLE: in addition to the site design and development, e9digital also provided ADA compliance services.

New York Construction Accident Attorneys at Morgan Levine Dolan, P.C., has built a record of success by dedicating themselves to providing comprehensive representation and even helping clients find the best medical care for their injury.

As with many injury attorneys, prospective clients are looking for results, and that information is front and foremost on the homepage as well as having its own dedicated page. The other criterion important to communicate is experience and accessibility. By using keywords such as trust, experience, guaranteed, and preferred – the users will get a sense of competence, while a chat widget, clear call-to-actions, and in-page contact forms give visitors multiple pathways to get in touch immediately.

e9 ADDITIONAL DELIVERABLE:in addition to the site design and development, e9digital also managed a successful pay-per-click campaign


Laying Down the Law

With an ever-expanding list of projects across many industries, each requiring a different range of services – e9digital has vast experience in many areas, but we are always learning new techniques, researching new sectors, and meeting new clients. We view the legal field as one of the most unique – and love getting opportunities to collaborate with lawyers, help tell their stories, and watch their businesses grow. The challenge is always to identify and focus on the core aspects that drive the brand, the solution is always different.

“The team at e9 were wonderful to work with. My business partner and I needed our website to reflect our fresh approach to a fairly traditional legal field. Conrad, Jina and the team delivered! They were very engaged in learning about our needs and were responsive throughout the process. When an opportunity arose for us which required early delivery of the site, they pushed hard and made it happen. Nothing but oohs and aahs from the friends and family I’ve shared the site with! Highly recommend e9digital.”
VICTORIA RAIKES | Partner, Kirkham Raikes PLLC

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