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Introducing e9digital’s custom photography services

It might be a tired platitude, but it still holds weight: a picture paints a thousand words. Even as the business and tech industries forge ahead at breakneck speed, the basic tenets of selling products and services remain solid: imagery sells. In an age where professional photography is so readily accessible, businesses all over the web are using imagery to evoke emotion, create their brand, and sell their products and services.

Imagery Matters

In an age when nearly every business has a web presence, from nursing homes to veterinarians to law offices to grocery stores, ensuring that your site stands out and is a reflection of your mission is crucial. That’s why e9digital now offers a whole range of custom photography services for websites, helping elevate our clients’ brands with compelling culture shots, professional headshots, beautiful product and promotional shots, video, and more. Spearheaded by the versatile and talented Bri Elledge and our network of talented photographers, e9digital has the expertise, tools, and experience to create stunning, evocative, and informative imagery for the web.

“Imagery is just as essential to the success of a website as good design and copy is. Having custom photography not only better tells your story, it conveys authenticity so much more than stock photos.”
JORDAN HARRIGER | e9digital Designer

Custom VS. Stock

How Photography Boosts Your Web Presence


Tactic One

Visual Marketing

While words are certainly important, a person isn’t likely to browse your site if they aren’t compelled by the visuals on your site. The human brain is built to take in information through visuals, so the quickest way to convey what you want visitors to know about your site and your company is through photography.


Tactic Two


Using photography on your site actually increases your website’s SEO standing. Because professional photography drives engagement, using photos to get people to click through your site will help your SEO ranking. e9digital specializes in portrait and product photography, promotional photography, and more. Using our work as a way to sell your products and services will statistically raise your engagement, have a positive effect Google ranking, and encourage users to share your content on social media.


Tactic Three

Creating your brand

One of the hardest parts of marketing a business is standing out in a crowded market. Easily give your website a custom feel by incorporating photography that reflects your culture and brand. Instead of using stock photography, use real, professional photos showing your faces, office, and/or your products and services in action to give your company a personality and build trust with your audience.


Tactic Four

Customize your site

Stock photography is a valuable asset when it comes to web design, especially as stock photography libraries continue to grow in inventory and quality. While stock photography is a great solution for many, for those with a budget that allows for custom photography, it’s a no-brainer. Users who are browsing and comparing businesses will notice a website that has original, custom photography and one that doesn’t. An authentic website builds credibility, and visitors are more likely to engage.

How Photography Boosts Your Web Presence

Culture Shots

e9digital’s photography team provides the art direction, professional staff, equipment, and project management needed to create stunning, personal shots of your company and its culture. Give your website authenticity and personality with professional, candid shots that give visitors a glimpse inside your company. e9digital did just that for a coworking space called 11desks.com in NYC; After setting up a custom shoot inside the space that featured stylized interior and culture shots, e9 used the visuals on 11desks.com’s site as a way to showcase their culture, perks, and personality. These photo shoots aren’t limited to websites — e9’s photography can be used across any kind of promotional materials, digital or not.

Professional Headshot

Financial firm Scura Partners hired e9digital for professional headshots, and the result is a team page of consistent, sharp photos that show the friendly and competent faces behind the firm. Paired with bios, users can familiarize themselves and get comfortable with the team they’ll be working with, helping build trust with potential clients.

Video Services

Big or small, short or long, complex or simple, e9digital has the expertise to create engaging and informative videos. When client Stonybrook Capital wanted an interesting, digestible way to explain their business, e9 quickly coordinated and set up a video shoot that featured Stonybrook employees talking candidly about their work and what sets their company apart. Although these financial executives were busy and not used to speaking on camera, e9’s team of professionals put them at ease and got them talking comfortably about their passion for their work. Featured on their “About” page, the site’s mixed media gives it a personal and creative touch.

Promotional & Product

The results are in: using professional product photography increases conversion. Potential customers are visual shoppers and rely heavily on real product photography to make choices. Having several images of any single product can help build trust and drive conversion. Take it a step further with beautiful promotional shots of your product in real world situations to help elevate the aesthetic and further increase engagement. If you’re in need of promotional photography for your products or services, e9digital has the expertise, equipment, and project management skills to make that happen.

We’ve done this before

Explore past examples e9digital helping clients take their site to a whole new level with custom photography.

A startup that services private equity fund managers, AltResources hired e9digital for a full rebrand. In an industry full of impersonal, corporate websites, we made AltResources look approachable with quality office candids, which we achieved by art directing a full photo shoot that included location scouting, stylists, extras, and more.

When e9digital started our own coworking space, 11desks, we knew we wanted the website to have a look and feel that was similar to the e9 site. On both sites, we feature interior office shots that help showcase our office culture. These “behind-the-scenes” shots help familiarize and connect with visitors and potential clients.

Because of the powerful nature of the industry, contacting a law firm can be intimidating to a potential client. That’s why e9’s photography department decided to take both professional headshots and candid photos of the attorneys at Pasich LLP. These photos help visitors know that there are real, friendly, and competent faces on the other side of their contact form.

The website that e9digital created for the investment firm Turning Rock is a simple, beautiful one-page site. The professional headshots done by the e9 photography allows visitors to quickly gain familiarity and trust in the company.

For construction companies like Legacy Builders, high-end interior photography is essential to marketing their services. e9’s interiors photographer Peter Dressel took photos that help elevate an already impressive portfolio. Used as background images on the homepage, the photos turn the site into a visually dynamic experience.

As an investment management firm focused on the insurance industry, Stonybrook Capital’s services and mission aren’t always easily explainable. That’s why we helped them produce a short video that features staff talking casually about what exactly they do. This, matched with e9digital’s professional headshots of the company, allows visitors to familiarize themselves with the company without having read through paragraphs of copy.

From Start to Finish, e9 Has you Covered

A photo shoot can feel like a huge task, especially for businesses whose services and expertise fall far outside the realm of photography and creative project management. When you hire e9digital, the process is handled from start to finish: this includes the initial estimate, creative direction, schedule coordination and logistics, equipment, props and actors, paperwork, project management, hiring, and anything else required to make your desired photo shoot a reality.

"I actually listen to the client(!) and view everything they do (and don’t) give me. If you do all you can to get inside the client’s head, the solution will take shape. And if for some reason it doesn’t, I just walk outside and let New York City fuel my imagination."

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