Meet the Client – Robert’s Club

Having been a key player in the fashion industry for decades, New York City fashion designer Robert Stock has built a prominent name and reputation based on his impeccable and adventurous sense of fashion. When he reached out to our Manhattan-based digital agency to help him with the launch of a website that would be showcasing his new fashion line, Robert’s Club, we were excited to be a part of something big.

e-Commerce with Style

Robert’s Club is a profoundly unique and exclusive shopping experience in that its products are limited to 100 pieces or less, meaning only a limited number of people can have access to these products. Our web designers needed to come up with a design that reflected this exclusivity and quality; a web design that was as much about lifestyle as it was about shopping.

Old School Elegance meets Cutting-Edge Fashion

The homepage that our web designers came up with is a perfect representation of Robert’s brand; an old sepia photograph of a bygone men’s swimming club serves as a background image behind regal, elegant font that harkens back to a time of sartorial sophistication. This image is juxtaposed by a colorful scroller that features Robert’s progressive, cutting-edge designs. Together, these images are in stark contrast, but create a cohesive message: Robert’s Club is the future of elegance and sophistication.

Robert’s Clothes Get Their Close-Up

Starting with the product scroller on the homepage, our lead designer created an elevated shopping experience that utilizes a sophisticated and minimalist design aesthetic that, first and foremost, allowed Robert’s products to shine. Each limited-edition piece is meant to be seen in three stages: First, from far away (the initial “eye-catcher”), which draws you in to a closer second view, which leads to a final close-up shot of the product that reveals the powerful details in each clothing piece. These bright images, paired with subtle whites and greys, let the user become completely engulfed in the brilliance of Robert’s work.

As a finished product, the fashion-foward Robert’s Club website reflects what its brand is at its core: an elevated, sophisticated shopping experience for the ranks of the elite, who yearn for the time when looking sharp was everything, and fashion was a way of life.  

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