Meet the Client – Eric Lorenzo

At a time where immigration lawyers are in high demand, Eric Lorenzo wanted a web presence that was prominent but welcoming. With 10+ years of experience, the New York-based immigration lawyer is a rising star with a growing reputation as one of the best in his field. When he reached out to our Manhattan digital agency, he was looking for a new website that could reach a wider audience.

Creating a Welcoming Space

Immigration lawyers often help clients who aren’t in a secure position, and who are feeling powerless about their future. While many law firms and lawyers have ultra-powerful looking websites that can come off as powerful and intimidating, our design team wanted to create a website that reflected Eric’s compassion.

Professional and Personal

Our design team chose a warm and inviting color scheme and made the site feel personal with a large, smiling image of Eric and personal headers and calls to action that use “me” and “I” pronouns so that users know that when they contact Eric, they’ll be talking to a real person, not an entity. With a prominent contact form, concise and informative content, and warm visuals, we created a site that exudes professionalism and compassion.

“e9digital is awesome. Conrad and his team constructed my website and I was so amazed at how engaging it was. Everyone was telling me how it just jumps out at you and you want to read it. Conrad also cares so much about seeing your business do really well through the website and advising you on how to capitalize on this. They are also great at answering emails and phone calls and they respond quickly to all inquiries. I highly recommend e9digital and their team and I cannot say enough good things.”

Eric Lorenzo



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