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Skillful branding elevates and differentiates—not just you, but your clients, too. It tells a story; your story, in your own distinctive voice.

Affordable, convenient legal counsel for the working man/woman’s everyday personal legal needs.

Naming, logo + corp ID design, website design, print for a nationwide provider of legal benefit plans to employer groups including trade associations, unions and other organizations. Lawfordable acts as a marketplace that provides lawyer referrals and access to a database of legal information for its clients.

Our Approach

e9digital’s Lawfordable branding process began with a full exploratory of evocative names, including vetting for .com urls availability. Finalist names also included AllCounsel, WorkJustus and PeopleBench. A full range of logo designs were presented with typography and color palettes selected to reflect the brand’s straightforward, serious, but also accessible character.


An Accessible Brand.

LA-based law firm specializing in insurance recovery for Fortune 500 companies as well as high profile/high net worth individuals.

Logo design, corp ID and website design for a firm of twelve leading insurance recovery lawyers who finally came together to start their own boutique after years of working in large, renowned yet less agile firms. Their brand needed to reflect their high level of polish and expertise as well as their “cutting edge“ approach.

Our Approach

e9digital’s Pasich LLP branding process began with an in-depth series of creative discovery, Q&A and insights discussions and exercises. e9’s team of creative directors and designers worked on a full range of logo designs that explored the corporate to the boutique aspects of Pasich’s character.


A Boutique Brand.

An IT and software development firm that caters to the investment management industry.

Naming, logo design, corp ID, and website design for a global tech company specializing in building and managing secure, custom IT software for financial firms. As they expanded, they needed a cohesive rebrand, which included a new identity, new product names, a new logo and website.

Our Approach

e9digital started with an in-depth naming and branding exploratory. Once AlphaCentrix (which points to their financial roots + end-to-end services) was selected, e9’s team experimented with typography and color palettes to create AlphaCentrix’s new logo and corp ID plus a sophisticated new website that’s worthy of the firm’s success and growth.


A Sophisticated Brand.

A mouth-watering product revolutionizing the grocery deli category with real, single-cut, unprocessed meats.

Logo, branding, and web design for a grocery deli manufacturer who stands apart from conventional rivals by producing single cut, hand-rubbed, open roasted slices of meat. Their new corporate website needed to be a strong B-to-B marketing tool that showcased their unique selling position.

Our Approach

e9digital started with a comprehensive branding exploratory, experimenting with multiple rounds of iconography, colors and typography. The goal was to design a logo that creatively reflected their industry as well as their “real meat“ uniqueness. The website is on-brand, using custom imagery, informative copy, and dynamic animation to make the site compelling to their B-to-B audience.


A Delicious Brand.

Workers Benefit Fund partners with local industry and sector leaders to provide benefits for millions of workers in today’s rapidly expanding gig economy.

Branding, corp ID, and web design for a company that focuses on sector-based organizing for the gig economy. The website was needed to legitimize and give credibility to this relatively new industry; they wanted an online presence that was professional and informative, and compelled people to get involved.

Our Approach

e9digital’s design team extensively explored color palettes, typography, and graphic elements to create Workers Benefit Fund’s logo. The ultimate design reflected the motion and efficiency of WBF’s progressive business model. Using these brand elements, our designers developed a website that created a cohesive, straightforward and informative brand identity.


A Current Brand.

An organization that provides telemedicine, vision and other benefits for workers in the ever-growing gig economy, specifically black car drivers.

Logo, product copy, corp ID, and marketing materials for a company that works with independent ride-share drivers by offering them medical benefits. Since the organization is fairly new, e9digital needed to establish a strong brand that was familiar to the trade, but reflective of the current climate.

Our Approach

Our designers worked with Independent Drivers to create an accessible, modern logo that reflected the organization’s inclusive and specialized venture. Our copywriter wrote detailed, informative copy for multiple print and digital platforms that described Independent Drivers’ mission and products in a way that was accessible to drivers and also polished for investors.


An Inclusive Brand.

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