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Networking events: free food and drinks, and the chance to mingle with people with impressive resumés. But how many networking groups do you know that produce over $7.5 million in business referrals every year? Meet Elevate, a New York City-based networking organization that does just that. Benefits of being a member include meeting 1,500 new professionals each year, countless opportunities to improve your business, sales, and public speaking skills, and a chance to get your piece of a $7.6 million dollar pie.

A rebrand from the ground up.

e9digital’s founder is a member of Elevate, and decided to use the skills and expertise of his business to help the networking organization, which, branding-wise, was in its infancy. Previously called Lucky 62, the organization needed a new name that reflected their mission, a new logo, new website, new URL, and all new branding collateral on their website. This meant a rebranding from the ground up.

A brand that Elevates.

With our design and branding teams on the task, we began with naming and logos. After running through a list of names that reflected the networking organization’s ambition and upward trajectory, we settled on “Elevate,” which we worked into a number of taglines, like “Elevate your business,” “Elevate your referrals,” and “Elevate your resources.” These taglines became the basis of the new website’s homepage, with each one animating onto the screen in quick succession. Our designer created a logo that incorporates a modern typeface with an emphasized “up arrow” that played into the idea of elevating member success and revenue.

A website you can share.

Our web design team then used this new branding to bring together the rest of the site, which features a warm teal to traditional blue color scheme that represents the meeting of friendly, like-minded people with the focused intent on business promotion. The modern full-screen layout, slide transitions, and responsive design bring the web presence to a new level to match the professional pedigree of the members. Internal pages include member callouts, on-ramps for prospective members to visit, application forms, and member portal. The complete product is a site that members can proudly use and share with colleagues.

I had another opportunity to work with Conrad and e9digital on a brand change and new website for Elevate, a premier NYC networking group. I knew from the beginning that turning over a concept in its infancy to the e9 team would produce exactly what we were looking for that we could not come up with on our own. They developed the name, the logo, the website URL, plus all of the collateral on the site. easily entices the audience to interact with the site and have that question answered. I am so pleased. This site has truly “elevated” our organization.

Amy Noelle, Elevate President


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