What do you want your website to smell like?

Your prospect is intelligent and sophisticated, but with a limited attention span.

You need to attract, engage, and persuade your prospect—quickly. Within a couple of seconds, they know if you’re stale or whether your message is fresh—legitimate.

So what will your website smell like with e9digital writing the copy?

It will have the distinct aroma of authenticity…and that means you’ll pass the sniff test.

Website Copy

With website design, you get 50 milliseconds to establish the visuals of your site as credible—or not. That's the blink of an eye.

Website copy is a little more forgiving...you get a couple of seconds to make your case.

Modern attention spans are limited. You need to make your case ... quick.

You can't be too subtle—but pushy isn't the right approach, either.

When you need an authentic voice for your words, and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) messaging that resonates with your target clientele; you'll choose e9digital's website copy ... because we make every word count.

I was impressed with our initial meeting. I got a sense that the Creative Team was trying to get to know us as much as possible. That gave me a good comfort level. You’re a company that cares for the project and the company you’re working for.

John Kim Global Energy

Advertising & Promotional Copy

Great advertising copy and great promotional copy gives your prospects a clear signal that rises above the static and noise in the marketplace.

It researches your prospects needs; it treats them with respect; it tells them why they should buy; it goes for a home run.

When you're ready to go big with your advertising or promotional copy, tune in to e9digital.

I recommend Conrad, Jina and e9digital. We get a lot of compliments about our website. It has a very polished, professional look and I am happily surprised that it actually generates sales leads rather than just being a source of reference material. I was especially happy with the design process. e9digital asked questions about us, our business, our likes and our goals, and that led to a better end product.

John Wiencek Alt Resources

Blogging Services

Business Blogging is an awesome way to consistently demonstrate your expertise to your target clientele, and it has a secret benefit of boosting your SEO. Why is that?

First, you're increasing the size of your website with more content and more pages. Google thinks bigger is better.

Second, since you're writing about things within your professional sphere of influence, you're boosting the number of keywords indexed on your site. That means Google will think you are more relevant for the stuff you actually do.

Bottom line: You get more natural traffic to your website.

If you're too busy to do this yourself, let e9digital's writers blog for you.

I want to thank you and your team on a job well done. Conrad and Jina were a pleasure to work with and we’re very happy with the end result. I will enthusiastically recommend e9 to anyone interested in digital media.

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