Meet The Client – Hands of Hope

Brooklyn-based Hands of Hope is a state-of-the-art physical therapy practice that prides itself on its innovation when it comes to helping people heal. With modern equipment and experienced staff, they needed a website that properly reflected their wide range of knowledge and services and showcased their office as a place for people who needed next-level service.

A clean, healing design.

Our Manhattan digital agency took a look at Hands of Hope’s old website and immediately knew what we could do to elevate their brand. Our web designers created a site that was clean, organized, and expansive. Soft hues of blues and greens give the website a soft and welcoming look, while a minimalist design makes it feel as modernistic and cutting-edge as their practice is. The brochure site includes several unique pages, allowing users to read up on all of their specific services, procedures, and unique approaches.

Creative copy that inspires.

Our creative copywriter tied the site together with engaging hero messaging that focused on the physical therapy practice’s most enduring message: hope. With hero headers like “Transforming Your Hope Into Permanent Recovery” and “We Turn Hope Into Healing,” the site becomes an inspirational landing spot for people who are searching for healing.

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