We’re excited to welcome to the team Senior Project Manager Steve Martin, who works out of our London office. That means when we’re just rolling out of bed in the morning here in New York, Steve’s already up and facing the day, fighting the good fight for the rest of the team here at e9.

Steve’s coming to us with an impressive background in project management and beyond. He’s worked across various industries, from prominent multinational companies to small startups. While his official title is Senior Project Manager, Steve’s got a veritable wealth of knowledge in a variety of subjects, from web and mobile tech to artificial intelligence to football (we call it “soccer” in the States). In fact, you might call Steve a bit of a Renaissance Man, which isn’t a bad quality for someone who’s tasked with wrangling designers, writers, and developers alike, not to mention clients across every industry.

With his steadfast pragmatism, his passion for efficient processes, and his extensive know-how in all things digital, Steve’s got the wherewithal to keep the e9 team in check. Welcome to the team, Steve!

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