After web design, e9 provides technical support that allows your site to grow with your business.

As a digital agency, we build most of our initial relationships with clients through web design projects. It’s during that initial web project that our clients begin to understand the scope of e9digital and our services, often coming back to us again and again for tech support, branding, marketing, and more.

Unparalleled on-going technical support.

A perfect example of this is Agio, a New York based IT and cybersecurity company that first approached our Manhattan digital agency 4 years ago to build their website. At the time, they were a fairly small startup with no internal marketing or design team. We built them a website that perfectly suited their budget and needs at the time, and the company went on to grow exponentially in the following years. Today, Agio is high-profile company with a global reach, and as their business continues to reach new levels, they continue to turn to e9 for tech support that keeps their website running at the next level as well.

Your business isn’t static. Your website shouldn’t be either.

As your business grows, your website should grow with it. As Agio continues to grow, with their eyes on the future, their website acts as a reflection of their success and influence in the industry. Throughout the years, e9’s technical support team has been continually working behind the scenes, adding complex functions to the website and simplifying them in wordpress so that Agio’s internal marketing team can easily handle the day-to-day management of the site.

Businesses need websites that they won’t outgrow.

Our technical team works directly with Agio’s Creative Director to strategize improved workflows and designs to ensure their website stays forward thinking. With Agio, we’ve developed a CMS system that allows the Agio team to create custom layouts using a component-based system. With this system, the Agio team can create custom pages using these reusable components and design elements and populating them with custom content.

Recently, we provided support and some custom development to expand the bio for their founder from a simple text based bio to a media rich page highlighting the content he’s produced. As his career and company continue to grow, he’ll be able to reflect his success and progress on the Agio site, with the help of the e9 tech team.

“Agio is more than a good e9 “client” — they are long-term partners who continue to work with us to develop and maintain their strong digital marketing presence.”

Conrad Strabone, CEO, e9digital

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